Student Stories from Abroad - Nicolas G.

Join McGill Abroad as we take a tour around McGill's global learning opportunities. Chemistry student Nicolas completed an internship in Germany; his story is featured on the MIEA website and excerpted here.

My name is Nicolas Grinberg and I am an Honours Chemistry student at McGill University. During my honours' research project at McGill, I did a project involving the use of Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry, a biophysical method to understand the dynamics of a flexible enzyme. At the end of the project, I wished to learn more biophysical techniques to answer the kind of questions my project focused on. On a less technical level, I also wanted to broaden my horizons by working abroad for a short time and discovering new ways of thinking and solving problems. In this context, I had the privilege to be awarded a Schull-Yang International Experience Award to finance a twelve-week research internship in Mainz, Germany, in Summer 2019. Without Mr. Schull and Ms. Yang's generous support, this experience would simply not have been possible. Besides the evident living expenses, the award so generously given allowed me to go regularly to Frankfurt for work. This has truly been an amazing summer, which has broadened my knowledge in the field of protein chemistry.

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