Administrative Staff

Rustum Choksi, Chair 514-398-7373 chair.math [at]
Raffaella Bruno, Manager - Manager 514-398-3801 raffaella.bruno [at]
Jackie Castreje, Administrative Coordinator and Postdoctoral Studies 514-398-1294 jackie.castreje [at]
TBD, Computer Systems Technician [at]

TBD, Administrative Assistant  514-398-7101 chairsassistant.mathstat [at]
Lori Hurdle, Undergraduate Program Administrator 514-399-9274 lori.hurdle [at]
Computer Systems Manager [at]
Jason Stillman, Graduate Program Coordinator 514-398-1297 grad.mathstat [at]  
Angela White, Undergraduate Program Coordinator 514-398-1298 angela.white [at]



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