Research & publications

Our Research Activities

In accordance with its mission, the Laboratory pursues several different research activities.

First, it collects, classifies and makes available information on the areas of interest identified by the laboratory. These areas include informal labour, domestic labour, rural labour, links between labour law and development policies, and the working conditions of women and racialized communities in the North and the South.

Second, the research carried out by the Laboratory researchers is used in the publication of articles and other written work, as well as in teaching activities concerning the identified areas. As such, several courses are offered at McGill's Law Faculty.

Finally, the Laboratory, generally in association with the Inter-university Centre on Globalization and Work (CRIMT), organizes various activities in order to share its research results, such as international conferences and research seminars.

Main Axes of Research

LLDRL research seeks to reflect upon and shape the direction of the emerging, contested field of Transnational Labour Law.  It has introduced a number of key considerations into current debates on the direction of transnational labour law as a field, and in particular offers critical engagement with the following themes: 

  • The relationship between labour law and development, both in the global South and in the global North
  • Hegemonic transplantation of labour regulatory frameworks in labour law, from the global North to the global South
  • Social regionalism as counter-hegemonic, multilevel governance of the relationship of the social in the economic, and  engaging international solidarity
  • Labour market informality in its relationship to legal pluralism, and regulatory transformation
  • The transnational regulation of decent work for domestic workers, including the intersection of multiple grounds of discrimination (race, gender, nationality) and regulatory innovation in the global South
  • Labour migration, the ‘South in the North’, and the decent work complement to reasonable labour market access
  • Emancipation in the idea of labour law, including labour law as development

Working Paper Series

The LLDRL periodically publishes commissioned working papers on labour law and development, focusing in particular on historical analyses and discussions of pluralist sources of labour law. The area focus remains Africa and the African diaspora.

Louise Boivin
Chèque service, normes du travail et liberté d'association: Le cas du Québec
LLDRL Working Paper Series #8, July 2017 



Adelle Blackett and Thierry Galani Tiemeni
Regulatory Innovation in The Governance of Decent Work for Domestic Workers in South Africa: Access to Justice and the Commission on Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration 
LLDRL Working Paper Series #7, September 2016 (2nd edition: December 2016).

Adelle Blackett with the collaboration of Assata Koné-Silué
Regulatory Innovation in the Governance of Decent Work for Domestic Workers in Côte d'Ivoire: Labour Administration and the Judiciary under a Generalist Labour Code 
LLDRL Working Paper Series #6, March 2016.

Lorena Poblete
New Rights, Old Social Protection: The New Regulation for Domestic Workers in Argentina 
LLDRL Working Paper Series #5, May 2015.

Assata Koné-Silué
La négociation collective comme source de normativité en droit du travail ivoirien 
LLDRL Working Paper Series #4, 2014.

Moreira Gomes, Ana Virgínia and Martins Bertolin, Patrícia Tuma
Regulatory Challenges of Domestic Work: The Case of Brazil 
LLDRL Working Paper #3, 2010.

Jean-Marie Tchakoua
Les tendances de la négociation collective de l'ère nouvelle au Cameroun 
LLDRL Working Paper #2, 2010.

David Austin
Pan-Africanism, Caribbean Exile, and Post-Colonial Africa 
LLDRL Working Paper #1, 2010.

Special publications

Domestic Labour and Exploitation: The Case of the Live-in Caregiver Program in Canada (LCP)

Elsa Galerand, Martin Gallié & Jeanne Ollivier Gobeil in collaboration with PINAY and the Service aux collectivités of UQAM, January 2015


Regulating Decent Work for Domestic Workers

Volume 23, No.1 of the Canadian Journal of Women and the Law / Revue Femmes et Droit (2011): A special issue dedicated to domestic labour. [PDF]

Labor Law and Development: Perspectives on Labor Regulation in Africa and the African Diaspora

Volume 32, No.2 of the Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal (2011): A special issue featuring contributions by Adelle Blackett (Guest Editor), Dzodzi Tsikata, Rose-Marie Belle Antoine, Diamond Ashiagbor and Chantal Thomas.

Selected publications by LLDRL members

Tsikata D."Domestic work and domestic workers in Ghana: An overview of the legal regime and practice," [.pdf] ILO Conditions of Work and Employment Series No. 23 (Geneva: ILO, 2009).

Blackett A. "Trade Liberalization, Labour Law and Development: A Contextualization" [.pdf] International Institute for Labour Studies Discussion Paper No. 179 (Geneva: IILS, 2007).

Blackett A. "Making domestic work visible: The case for specific regulation", [.pdf] Labour Law and Labour Relations Programme (Geneva: ILO, 1998)