New working paper by Dr. Dzodzi Tsikata

Dr. Dzodzi Tsikata is the author of "Promoting Change in Domestic Work Conditions from Outside the State in a Context of Regulatory Inertia: The Case of Ghana," the newest addition to the LLDRL Working Paper Series.

Dr. Tsikata's paper examines the legal and institutional frameworks, as well as the customary law and practices that inform the protection, or lack thereof, of domestic workers in Ghana. Her paper further outlines the innovative approaches developed by domestic workers and non-state actors to protect domestic workers, including the creation of the Victims of Domestic Violence Support Fund and the Domestic Services Workers Union. Dr. Tsikata's work critically examines the potential success of these innovations in the absence of concerted efforts by the Ghanaian state to regulate domestic work in Ghana, including via the ratification of the ILO Convention on Decent Work for Domestic Workers (ILO Convention No. 189). 

About the author 

Dzodzi Tsikata is President of the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA), a Research Professor of Development Sociology and Director of the Institute of African Studies (IAS) at the University of Ghana. Before this, she was based at the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER) during which time she was Deputy Director and Director of the Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy (CEGENSA) at the University of Ghana. She holds a Ph.D in Social Sciences from Leiden University in the Netherlands.

Dr. Tsikata’s research interests are in the areas of gender and development policies and practices, women’s movements and gender equality activism, the politics and livelihood effects of land tenure reforms, and the informalization of labour relations and its implications for decent work. She is widely published on these subjects. Her most recent publications include a co-guest edited (with Cheryl Doss and Gale Summerfield) special issue of Feminist Economics on Land, Gender and Food Security (2014), an edited book (with Cheryl Rodriguez and Akosua Adomako Ampofo), Transatlantic Feminisms: Women and Gender Studies in Africa and the Diaspora (Lexington Books, 2015) and an edited book (with Ruth Hall and Ian Scoones), Africa’s Land Rush: Implications for Rural Livelihoods and Agrarian Change (Boydell and Brewer Ltd, 2015).

To read the Working Paper 

Dr. Tsikata's Working Paper is available here. To read and download other articles in our Working Paper Series, see our "Publications" page. 


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