Teacher Certification

Information for McGill Students in B.Ed and MA Teaching and Learning Programs

The Faculty of Education offers Bachelor of Education (B Ed) programs and a Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning (MATL) which lead to teacher certification in the province of Quebec.

Teacher Certification in Quebec is the responsibility of Ministère de l'éducation, de l'enseignement supérieure et de la recherche (MEESR, formerly known as MELS). Graduates from programs which satisfy Provincial eligibility requirements are recommended to the Ministry for Quebec Teacher Certification by the Faculty of Education.


  1. Students submit the required documents to Internships & Student Affairs at the Faculty of Education.
  2. The Faculty submits the documents to the Ministry after students have officially graduated.
  3. The Ministry processes the documents and sends the Brevet or Permis directly to the graduates.

Certification Process for more detailed information about the process and the documents required.

"I need some documents now for an employment application. How do I do this?" If your potential employer requires a letter of attestation while the Ministry is still processing your teaching license, please use Minerva to print a "Proof of Graduation" letter from the Student menu. If this does not meet their needs, please email sao.education [at] mcgill.ca with the details of your request. Letters will only be provided if specifically required by an employer; most local employers will accept your official transcript and understand that there is normally a delay to receive your license. If you are missing your copies of your student teaching assessment forms please contact the student teaching placement coordinator for your program.


Samples of correctly completed forms

NOTE:  Individuals with a Quebec teaching license who wish to teach in another province or in another country must apply directly to the Teacher Certification Agency in the relevant province or country. It is recommended that applicants intending to teach in locations other than the Province of Quebec obtain information beforehand concerning the requirements for certification.

Information for Ministry Students (Temporary Teaching Permit Holders)

In Quebec, in order to work as an elementary or high school teacher, you must hold a valid teaching permit from the Ministry of Education ("the Ministry"). 

If you have a teaching degree and/or teaching license from another country or Canadian province and you wish to obtain teacher certification, you must apply to the Ministry for a temporary teaching permit. This temporary permit will grant you the ability to seek and obtain employment as a teacher while working towards meeting certain conditions, including the successful completion of additional university coursework from an accredited institution in Quebec, such as McGill University. For information about applying for a temporary teaching permit, please call the Ministry or visit their website

Once granted a temporary teaching permit, you may request permission to complete some (or all) of your required coursework at McGill University in the Faculty of Education as a Special Student. For information about course registration, please contact Internships & Student Affairs Administrator, yasmine.zein [at] mcgill.ca (Yasmine Zein). Please include a scanned copy of your temporary teaching permit as an attachment to your e-mail. You will not be considered for registration as a Special Student until you can produce proof of a temporary teaching permit. 

If you previous degree is not recognized by the Ministry, you may wish to consider applying for our 4 year Bachelor of Education program or our 2 year Master of Arts in Teaching & Learning program, both of which lead to provincial teacher certification.

Online Courses

Certain courses required by the Ministry may be offered, at the Faculty's discretion, in an online format. When available, online courses are scheduled as follows:

EDPI 309 Diverse Learners : Offered online in the Fall term (September - December)

EDPE 304 Measurement & Evaluation: Offered online in the Winter term (January - April)

EDEC 247 Policy Issues in Quebec Education: Offered online in the Summer term (May - July) 


Additional Requirements for Students in the 'Teaching English as a Second Language' Subject Area

Students who hold a temporary teaching permit in the area of 'Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)', and, as a consequence, must take courses coded either EDSL or EDTL must satisfy these additional requirements: 

  • Provide proof of having previously taken a course equivalent to EDSL 350: Essentials of English Grammar, which is a pre-requisite for the Ministry-required methods and assessment courses 
  • Obtain a passing grade on the Faculty of Education's English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT), which is an exam administered by the Department of Integrated Studies in Education (DISE); information about the test, registration and upcoming dates can be found on DISE's website