Pathways to Support for Education Students

ISA works to support success for students in all aspects of their program: academics, field, and extracurricular/student life.

Our mandate:

  • Refer to the appropriate resource
  • Address concerns sensitively and confidentially
  • Provide information on informal and formal conflict resolution or complaint procedures
Courses or Instructors
  1. Instructor
  2. Department offering the course
  3. Academic Advisor
Program, Course Choice
  1. Academic Advisor
  2. Program Director
Student Teaching
  1. Field Supervisor
  2. Placement Coordinator
  3. ISA Manager

(Peer who needs support or a conflict with a peer)

  1. ISA Manager
  2. Dean of Students
  1. University support services
  2. Dean of Students
Career Planning

Education Career Advisor

To access services or get more information, visit

Physical and/or mental health

Local Wellness Advisor (LWA): The Faculty of Education is home to a full-time Local Wellness Advisor (LWA). LWAs are mental health professionals who deliver adapted programming to all Education students and can provide one-on-one single-session interventions with students.

In-Person Services and Programming: A variety of other services are also accessible through the Hub, including peer support and peer health education, health and wellness programming, group therapy and support groups, health promotion and outreach.

Online and Self-Help Resources: A full range of online services and self-help resources are available on the Virtual Hub.

To access services or get more information, visit Student Services' Virtual Student Wellness Hub



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