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Teacher Certification for B.Ed. Students

Information for Ministry Students (Temporary Teaching Permit Holders) can be found here.

Teacher Certification in Quebec is the responsibility of the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEES). Graduates from programs which satisfy Provincial eligibility requirements are recommended to the Ministry for Quebec Teacher Certification by the Faculty of Education.

Take note of these important considerations ahead of preparing your application:

  • All students graduating from a B.Ed. program are required to submit the documents to apply for a provincial Teaching Diploma or Permit to the Internships & Student Affairs Office (Education Building, Room #243) by the approved deadline; early applications will not be accepted and late applications may delay receipt of permit/diploma. 
  • **NEW** Since the ISA Office is closed due to COVID-19, graduating students are exceptionally allowed to send their applications by email to [at] (Instructions on how to submit the required document will be sent to students by email).
  • Even if you do not think that you need certification at this time, apply now as it can be a complicated and lengthy process later on.
  • The ISA Office submits the documentation on your behalf to the Ministry after your McGill transcript indicates that you have graduated; upon receipt of the documentation, the Ministry is responsible for the processing and distribution of permits/diplomas; processing times can vary, so please be patient and recognize that the ISA/McGill does not have control of this process.
  • The diploma/permit will be mailed to you at the mailing address that you specify on your application; therefore, please be sure to include a permanent address where you can still receive mail anywhere from 6 months to a year later.
  • Employers in Quebec are aware that there is a long delay between McGill graduation and receipt of the actual permit/diploma and, in general, do not require an interim letter of attestation from McGill.
  • Individuals with a Quebec teaching license who wish to teach in another province or in another country must first apply for and receive their Teacher Certification in Quebec before applying directly to the Teacher Certification Agency in the other relevant province or country. It is recommended that applicants intending to teach in locations other than the Province of Quebec obtain information beforehand concerning the requirements for certification; links and information for other provinces is available here.

If you require proof/documents/a letter of attestation for an employment application

You can print an automatic "Proof of Graduation" letter from Minerva as soon as “degree granted” appears on your transcript (Student Menu >Student Records Menu >Letters – Proof of Enrolment).
If this does not meet the employer's needs, please email [at] with the details of your request. Letters will only be provided if specifically required by an employer.

Application Guide (Video)

Correction: Since publishing of this Video, International Students  have been allowed to apply for the Teaching Diploma and not Teaching Permit. Please make sure to choose Teaching Diploma if you are an International Student, Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident. 


Application Process

  1. Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents: Graduates of Bachelor of Education programs may apply for a permanent Teaching Diploma (Brevet) immediately upon graduation.
    **NEW** International Students: Graduates of Bachelor of Education programs may now apply for the permanent Teaching Diploma (Brevet) immediately upon graduation and not the Temporary Permit (Permis d’enseigner) as has been the case in previous terms.
  2. Students submit the required documents (see "Required Documentation" section below) to "Internships & Student Affairs Office, Education Building, Room 243"  by the submission deadline (see "Submission Period" section below).
    When submitting your documents, make sure your judicial record is alone 
    in a sealed envelope (sized either 8.5"x11" or 9"x12" only, no padding!) with your name and McGill ID written on the front of the envelope. The Application for a teaching licence should NOT be placed in the envelope, it should be left loose.
    If, due to extenuating circumstances, you are not physically able to present yourself to submit your application for a teaching license in person, please contact patricia.beauregard [at] (Patricia Beauregard) to discuss the possibility of alternate arrangements.
  3. The Faculty submits the documents to the Ministry after students have officially graduated.
  4. The Ministry processes the documents and sends the Brevet or Permis directly to the graduates.


Required Documentation

  1. Ministry Application for a Teaching License Form:
    English Version French Version *MUST BE PRINTED ON 8.5"x11" PAPER*
    Sample ApplicationsCanadian Citizen or Permanent Resident | International Student

    IMPORTANT: PRINTING/PAPER SIZE: The application form must be printed on 8.5"x11" paper, even though the PDF is the 8.5"x14" size. You should adjust the settings when printing to select 8.5"x11" paper size and have the form Fit to page sizing option.
    IMPORTANT: YOUR SIN: You need to include your Social Insurance Number on this form. It is by this number alone that the Ministry of Education will identify you. For our records, please also enter your Social Insurance Number on Minerva under the Personal Menu.
    IMPORTANT: YOUR ADDRESS: The government will issue/mail your physical certificate to you many months later than the date you submit your application. We suggest you put a permanent address (e.g. yours, your family's) on your application, where you will be able to access the mail delivered there up to 6 months later than the date of your application submission.

  2. Confidential declaration concerning a judicial record
    Complete the Declaration Concerning a Judicial Record Form, from the Ministry website

    IMPORTANT: Your judicial record must be submitted to the Internships & Student Affairs Office in a separate, sealed envelope (sized either 8.5"x11" or 9"x12" only!) with your name and McGill ID on the front.

  3. Official McGill transcript
    This will be printed and processed by the Faculty of Education, provided there are no holds on the student’s record. The student does not need to request an official transcript from Service Point.
  4. Work Permit that is valid in Quebec *International Students only*
    Note that this is not the same as the “Internship Co-op Work Permit” that you needed to complete your Field Experience courses.
    For more information about the work permit, please visit this government website.
    For assistance from McGill's International Student Services (ISS) in obtaining the work permit, please refer to the ISS website.

**NEW** Since the ISA Office is closed due to COVID-19, graduating students are exceptionally allowed to send their applications by email to [at] (Instructions on how to submit the required documents will be sent to students by email).

Submission Period

Note: Failure to submit all documents by the last date of the submission period will result in a delay in the processing of your teaching permit. These deadlines do not apply to International students, who should submit their documents as soon as their work permit has been issued (in some cases this can only be requested after graduation).

  • December 1 – January 31: Fall Graduation (May Convocation)
  • March 1 – April 30: Winter Graduation (May Convocation)
  • August 1 – September 30: Summer Graduation (Oct/Nov Convocation)


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