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Registration: Symposium #2

"The neural basis of navigating and learning the environment" 


Date: Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Time: 1 - 3 PM, Eastern Time

Chairs: Dr. Mark Brandon, Ph.D.; Dr. Adrien Peyrache, Ph.D.

Talks & Speakers: 

"Hippocampal attractor dynamics across extended time," by Alexandra Keinath (Post-doc, Dr. M. Brandon's lab) 

"Radially symmetric tuning in the cortical head-direction system," by Adrian Duszkiewicz (Post-doc, Dr. A. Peyrache's lab) 

"Population dynamics of the thalamic head direction system during drift and reorientation," by Zaki Ajabi (Ph.D., Dr. M. Brandon's lab) 

"Subcortical organisation of spatial signals during wake and sleep," by Guillaume Viejo (Post-doc, Dr. A. Peyrache's lab) 



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