Student Seminars

Schedule until December 14, 2021

The schedule is updated every Tuesday. 


For the time being, the following student seminars will be conducted virtually via Zoom. Times are Eastern Time.

M.Sc. Thesis Seminars

Karina Paliotti

"Epilepsy in Individuals with Periventricular Nodular Heterotopia: Defining the Clinical Phenotypic Spectrum and Underlying Molecular Causes"

Dr. K. Myers

December 14, 2021; 11 AM

Vanessa Valiquette

"Examining Litter Specific Variability in Mice and its Impact on Neurodevelopmental Studies"

Dr. M. Chakravarty

November 26, 2021; 10 AM

Ayse Akgoz


Dr. F. Kingdom

October 12, 2021; 2 PM

Steve Edwin

"Methods for optimising immunohistochemistry for the serotonergic system in human brainstem."

Dr. A. Sadikot

October 7, 2021; 10:30 AM

Arielle Crestol

"Women’s Brain Health: The Effects of Aging and Menopause on Memory and Brain Function"

Dr. M. Rajah

October 1, 2021; 10 AM

Maria Gobbo

"Validation of KIF1A/25B interactors in hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathies type II (HSAN II)"

Dr. G. Rouleau and Dr. P. Dion

September 30, 2021; 2:15 PM

Allison Frantz

"Tracking trajectories of cognitive recovery in coma survivors using a validated battery of neuropsychological tests"

Dr. S. Blain-Moraes

September 29, 2021; 9 AM

Firoza Lussier

"Alzheimer's disease pathophysiological correlates of mild behavioral impairment across the disease spectrum"

Dr. P. Rosa-Neto

September 29, 2021; 2 PM

Hannema Romke

"The Development of functional connectivity of the human memory network"

Dr. C. Xiaoqian

September 10, 2021; 9 AM

Elly Htite

"Hippocampal growth in preterm infants"

Dr. M. Brossard-Racine

July 20, 2021; 1 PM

Nicholas Chahley

"Improvements to a Gravity Microfiltration Platform for CTC Cluster Enrichment"

Dr. D. Juncker

July 8, 2021; 1 PM

Andrew Schultz

"Investigating the role of NMDA receptor activity in neural circuit remodeling and gene expression in Xenopus laevis"

Dr. E. Ruthazer

June 30, 2021; 1 PM

Alaa Abdelgawad

"local gene expression and structural connectivity predict longitudinal brain atrophy in Parkinson's Disease"

Dr. A. Dagher

June 21, 2021; 9 AM

Christophe Tanguay-Sabourin

"Unpacking the Biopsychosocial Burden of Chronic Pain in the UK Biobank Population"

Dr. E. Vachon-Presseau

June 17, 2021; 10 AM

Siavash Kermani Koosheh

"mGluR5 imaging in the clinical investigation of patients with TLE with bilateral EEG or non-contributory MRI findings: a proof-of-concept retrospective study"

Dr. E. Kobayashi

June 17, 2021; 2:30 PM

Dale Hatrock

"In Vitro Ependymal Cells and Inflammatory Factors"

Drs. J. Stratton and L. Healy

June 15, 2021; 10 AM

Simone Valade

"The Role of Tumour Necrosis Factor-α in Synaptic and Behavioural Plasticity During Cocaine and Morphine Addiction"

Dr. D. Stellwagen

May 21, 2021; 2 PM

Zac Yeap

"Resting-State Connectivity Differences with Navigation Strategy Use in Young and Old Adults"

Dr. V. Bohbot

May 25, 2021; 12 PM

Anaïs Robert

"Investigating a Novel Mechanism Regulating Synapse Dysfunction in Alzheimer's Disease" 

Dr. T. Kennedy

May 25, 2021; 2 PM

Leora Pearl-Dowler

"Anti-allodynic effects of Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) in neuropathic rats with tolerance to Morphine" 

Drs. G. Gobbi and B. Gentil

May 28, 2021; 1 PM

Ph.D. Candidacy Exams

Lazaro M. Sanchez-Rodriguez

"Decoding the Influence of Misfolded Proteins on Macroscopic Neuronal Activity under Alzheimer’s Disease"

Dr. Y. Iturria-Medina

November 29, 2021; 2:30 PM

Rahul Suresh

"Exploring synaptic gene mutations in neurodevelopmental disorders"

Dr. Y. Zhou

November 10, 2021; 9:30 AM

Alexandra Chapleau

"EPRS1-related leukodystrophy: generation of a representative cellular model to study disease pathogenesis"

Dr. G. Bernard

November 3, 2021; 9 AM

Melissa Pestemalciyan


Dr. T. Kennedy

September 9, 2021; 9:30 AM

Dhruv Mehrotra

"Thalamocortical Dynamics Underlying Spatial Cognition"

Dr. A. Peyrache

September 7, 2021; 10 AM

Jawata Afnan

"Localization of Neuronal Oscillations and Connectivity Profiles in Magnetoencephalography (MEG): Validation using Intracranial EEG"

Drs. C. Grova and J. Gotman

August 30, 2021; 3 PM

Giulia Baracchini

"Inter-regional BOLD signal variability traces functional connectivity: Implications for assessing age-related cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease progression"

Dr. N. Spreng

August 30, 2021; 1 PM

Gabrielle Siemonsmeier

"Effects of chronic stress on neuronal representations of emotional valence in the nucleus accumbens"

Dr. R. Bagot

August 10, 2021; 9 AM

Sajjad Feizollah

"Development of high-resolution diffusion-weighted imaging to map the cortical g-ratio in vivo"

Dr. C. Tardif

July 13, 2021; 11 AM

Gerardo Ramos

"Neurotrophin Gene Therapy by Site-Specific Opening of the Blood-Brain Barrier in an Animal Model of Huntington's Disease"

Dr. A. Sadikot

July 8, 2021; 9 AM

Marco Buhler

"Cortical Dynamics Involved in the Control of Locomotor Adaptations"

Drs. A. Lamontagne & J. Fung

July 6, 2021; 2 PM

Ziyaan Harji

"Investigating TDP-43 Mediated Synaptic Dysfunction at Neuromuscular Junctions in Zebrafish Models of Familial Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis"

Dr. G. Armstrong

June 30, 2021; 12 PM

Laurie Goulet

"Qualifying Population Activity to Visual Feature: An fMRI Investigation of Cortical Distortion in the Amblyopic Early Visual Cortex"

Dr. R. Farivar

June 29, 2021; 10 AM

Sarah Hales

"The regulation of Tau by Numb and its role in tauopathies"

Dr. M. Cayouette

June 28, 2021; 9 AM

Ulrich Anglas

"Elucidating a mitochondria-to-nucleus signaling pathway that promotes longevity"

Dr. J. Van Raamsdonk

June 25, 2021; 1 PM

Tristan Simas

"Identifying Regenerative Pathways Within the Molecular Mechanisms of Fusicoccane Compounds"

Dr. A. Fournier

June 24, 2021; 2 PM

Giovana dos Santos Cover

"Cortical Gray Matter Study with High Resolution Multi-Echo MPRAGE MRI"

Dr. R. Farivar

June 23, 2021; 10 AM

Xin-Tong Wang

"Regulation of the pore and gating properties of AMPA-type ionotropic glutamate receptors by different auxiliary protein families"

Dr. D. Bowie

June 22, 2021; 1 PM

Haneieh Molaei

"Measuring and mapping spatial distortions in the amblyopic eye with a therapeutic approach"

Dr. R. Farivar

June 21, 2021; 11 AM

Belal Howidi

"Understanding the Neurorestorative Effects of Sildenafil on Neotatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injuries"

Dr. P. Wintermark

June 21, 2021; 1 PM

Luisa Hernandez Melo

"Beneficial Effects of Supportive Prosody on Stress and Brain Synchrony in Dyads"

Dr. M. Pell

June 18, 2021; 11:30 AM

Yi-Ting Wang

"Sex Difference in Alzheimer's Disease: Insights from PET Imaging, CSF Biomarkers and Genetics"

Dr. P. Rosa-Neto

June 14, 2021; 2 PM

Eric Mokri

"Neural Signatures of Perceptual Competition: Binocular Rivalry, Monocular Pattern Rivalry, and Interocular Grouping"

Dr. J. Mendola

June 14, 2021; 10 AM

Maleeha Khan

"C9orf72/SMCR8/WDR41 complex as a GAP for small Rho GTPases and regulation of enzymatic activity through SMCR8 phosphorylation"

Dr. P. McPherson

June 14, 2021; 10 AM

Sehrish Javed

"Elucidating the Pathogenic and Therapeutic Roles of Bdnf-Producing Neurons using Mouse Models of Smith-Magenis Syndrome"

Dr. W-H. Huang

June 8, 2021; 9 AM

Arielle Rabinowitz

"The Relationship between Personality and Music Pleasure: Understanding mood symptoms associated with reward system dysfunction using music hedonia"

Drs. R. Zatorre and A. Dagher

June 7, 2021; 1 PM

Frederick St-Onge

"The Role of Inter-Individual Heterogeneity in Functional Connectivity During Aging and the Alzheimer’s Disease Spectrum"

Dr. S. Villeneuve

June 2, 2021; 10 AM

Alexia, Gene

"Activity-Dependent GABAA Receptor Synaptic Plasticity is lost in Fmr1KO Mice"

Dr. D. Bowie

June 1, 2021; 9 AM

Florian Pernin

"Distinc Mechanisms of Sublethal Injury of Oligodendrocyte in Response to Inflammatory and Metabolic Insults"

Dr. J. Antel

May 27, 2021; 9 AM

Marina Tedeschi Dauar

"Biochemical and clinical characterization of the genes CNTN5, HIVEP3 and CLU as risk factors for Alzheimer's disease"

Dr. J. Poirier

May 20, 2021; 1 PM

Justine Schweizer

"Exploring Viral Gene Therapy Approaches for the Treatment of Chronic Pain"

Dr. P. Séguéla

May 21, 2021; 1 PM

Sujata Sinha

"Difficulties comprehending others in schizophrenia: in search of mechanisms and social context specificities" 

Dr. B. Debruille

May 26, 2021; 1 PM

Marie-France Dorion

"Investigating the role of human microglia in Parkinson's disease"

Drs. T. Durcan and L. Healy

May 28, 2021; 1 PM

Ph.D. Thesis Seminars

Nicholas Benfey

"Radial astrocytes in the developing retinotectal system sense and modulate visually-evoked neuronal activity"

Dr. E. Ruthazer

December 2, 2021; 12 PM


Stefanie Perrier

"POLR3-related leukodystrophy: From exploring novel genetic causes and investigating clinical features to expanding the spectrum of disease"

Dr. G. Bernard

November 30, 2021; 3 PM


Jillian McCarthy

"Characterizing Data-Driven MRI-based Brain Changes in Early Stage Frontotemporal Dementia"

Dr. S. Ducharme and Dr. Y. Iturria-Medina

November 25, 2021; 2 PM


Laetitia Mwilambwe-Tshilobo

"Missed connections: the impact of loneliness and social exclusion on brain functional connectivity"

Dr. N. Spreng

November 11, 2021; 2 PM


Jesse J. Langille

"Investigating translation in rodent neurons and in healthy and fragile X human IPSC-derived neurons"

Dr. W. S. Sossin

October 29, 2021; 2 PM

Room: 188, MNI

Rixing Lin

"The role of small nucleolar RNAs in antidepressant treatment"

Dr. G. Turecki

October 28, 2021; 1 PM

Andrea Haree Pantoja Urban

"Sex-specific Neurodevelopmental Effects of Social Stress in Adolescence"

Dr. C. Flores

October 26, 2021; 1 PM

Alfred Lee

"Characterization of Amyloidβ-Neurexin interaction in Alzheimer's disease"

Dr. H. Takahashi

October 22, 2021; 1 PM

Max Wolpert

"Impact of second language on first language grammatical processing in Chinese-English bilinguals"

Dr. K. Steinhauer and Dr. S. Baum

September 9, 2021; 1: 30 PM

Reinder Vos de Wael

"Temporal Lobe Connectome Embedding in the Human Brain"

Dr. B. Bernhardt

September 3, 2021; 10 AM

Kasia Szyszkowicz

"The effects of early life stress on gut microbiota composition in mice throughout the lifespan"

Drs. N. Cermakian and M-C. Audet

June 18, 2021; 10 AM

Roni Setton

"New Perspectives on the Aging Brain"

Dr. N. Spreng

June 15, 2021; 1 PM

Hyun Choong Yong

"Investigating the role of medial septal circuits in the hippocampal code for time"

Dr. M. Brandon

June 17, 2021; 2:30 PM

Gloria Castaneda Pizana

"Linking motivational symptoms to effort and reward processes in older adults in health and chronic illness"

Dr. L. Fellows

June 14, 2021; 11AM

Ross Markello

"Understanding methodological variability in network neuroscience"

Dr. B. Misic

June 14, 2021; 10:30 AM

Julie Bailly

"Mu opioid receptor-positive neurons in habenular networks :
Reward/aversion and mood states"

Dr. B. Kieffer

June 14, 2021; 9 AM

C. William Yao

"Implications of Dream Enactment Behavior and Isolated Insomnia Symptoms in the Canadian Population"

Dr. R. Postuma

May 19, 2021; 9 AM

Zaki Ajabi

"Networks dynamics of the thalamic head-direction system during reorientation" 

Dr. M. Brandon

May 27, 2021; 3 PM (Skype)

Ph.D. Oral Defences

Steve Beukema

"Cognitively Mediated Pupil Dynamics During Visual Pattern Recognition" 

Dr. F. Kingdom

November 3, 2021; 10 AM 

Angela Zhang

"Shared Spatial Responses as Neural Correlates of Common Computational Motifs" 

Dr. R. Farivar

October 18, 2021; 1:00 PM 

Julie Bailly

"Mu opioid receptor-positive neurons in habenular networks: aversive states" 

Dr. B. Kieffer

October 15, 2021; 9:30 AM 

Jonathan Cote

"Development of a novel neuroimaging method to probe the auditory system and its age-related changes" 

Dr. E. de Villers-Sidani

October 13, 2021; 1:00 PM 

Roni Setton

"New perspectives on the aging brain" 

Dr. N. Spreng

October 12, 2021; 1:00 PM 

Ross Markello

"Understanding methodological variability in human brain mapping" 

Dr. B. Misic

October 5, 2021; 9:00 AM 

Blandine Ponroy

"Human Astrocytes in Down Syndrome" 

Dr. K. Murai

September 23, 2021; 9:30 AM 

Jocelyne Whitehead

"Investigating the Neural Correlates of Social and Emotional Processing Across Modalities" 

Dr. J. Armony and P. Jolicoeur

September 15, 2021; 9:00 AM 

Oladayo Oladiran

"The role of macrophages in autoimmune peripheral neuropathy" 

Dr. J. Zhang

August 12, 2021; 11 AM 

Nardin Nakhla

"Connectivity and Computation in the Dorsal Visual Pathway" 

Dr. C. Pack

July 26, 2021; 1 PM 

Camille Boudreau-Pinsonneault

"Endogenous regeneration of the mammalian retina: Identification of novel factors for the reprogramming of retinal glia to neurons" 

Dr. M. Cayouette

July 8, 2021; 9 AM 

Noor Sharif

"Characterizing structural white matter connectivity in pediatric development" 

Dr. A. Evans

July 6, 2021; 10 AM 

Gina Kemp

"The role of tumor necrosis factor in mediating stress-induced anxiety-like behavior: a story of stress, inflammation, and social isolation" 

Dr. D. Stellwagen

July 6, 2021; 1 PM 

Zahraa Chorghay

"Neuron-glia interactions underlying activity-dependent plasticity in the developing visual system" 

Dr. E. Ruthazer

June 11, 2021; 11:30 AM 

Elisa Guma

"Investigating the role of maternal immune activation on neurodevelopmental trajectories: connecting neuroimaging, behavioural, and molecular phenotypes" 

Dr. M. Chakravarty

June 7, 2021; 9 PM 


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