Ph.D. Roadmap

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Within 2 weeks of assignment

When first starting the program, you will be assigned an IPN Mentor by the IPN Directorship. It is your responsibility to contact your mentor to introduce yourself and arrange a meeting within 2 weeks of assignment.

By the end of 1st semester

With the help of your supervisor (and co-supervisor, if applicable), you are responsible for forming your Advisory Committee.

By the end of 1st year

You are responsible for organizing regular meetings with your AC. Your 1st AC meeting must take place by the end of your 1st year of starting in the program. From then on, you must hold AC meetings at least once every 12 months.

2 weeks prior to Candidacy Exam

Your Ph.D. Thesis Proposal is a document stating the hypothesis being tested, the relevant literature, a summary of the methodology, and the data obtained to date.

By the end of Ph.D. 3

The Ph.D. Candidacy Exam testifies to the student's ability to perform original scholarship and to demonstrate their suitability for a Ph.D. degree. Candidacy exams cannot be held during the summer (July & August).
Your Ph.D. Thesis Seminar is a presentation on your research work and is critical in determining whether you may start writing your thesis. The seminar must be attended by your AC members, and will be chaired by your supervisor. Seminars cannot be held during the summer (July & August). AC meetings cease after Thesis Seminar.
  Since writing a Ph.D. thesis and planning and arranging your oral defence are time-consuming, it is highly recommended that you plan your initial thesis submission at the very start of a semester.

By the end of Ph.D. 7

Before submitting your final e-thesis, you are required to successfully complete an oral defence - a final, in-depth formal presentation of your research. Your final e-thesis must be submitted no later than the end of Ph.D. 7.

Oral Defence:

Final E-Thesis Submission:

  You will graduate the semester after your final thesis submission. You are not required to apply for graduation as GPS will manage it once they receive your thesis.


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