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The IPN Graduate Program Committee has instituted an 'IPN Mentorship Program,' by which each graduate student will be matched with a specific member of the Committee. The responsibility of the IPN mentor is to ensure that the student meets the program requirements in a timely manner. The IPN is a large graduate program, such that its student body is vast and its faculty researchers are based in laboratories and research sites across the city. Therefore, we take the necessary initiatives to ensure that all our students feel included, are kept informed, and are focused on meeting their program milestones throughout the course of their degree. 

During the first semester of your first year of studies, you will be assigned an IPN Mentor. The assignment is done by the program's Directorship team. 


Responsibilities of an IPN Mentor

The responsibilities of an IPN Mentor include: 

  • Ensuring that the student, the supervisor (and co-supervisor, if applicable) and other members of the Advisory Committee are aware of and meet key milestones throughout the student's graduate studies;
  • Serving as an additional resource person who can provide information on administrative matters, answer the mentee's questions, and assisting with any specific needs;
  • Chairing the M.Sc. Thesis Seminar and the Ph.D. Candidacy Examination, and representing the program at the Ph.D. Oral Thesis Defence.


Responsibility of the Student

After being assigned a mentor, it is your responsibility to contact your mentor as early as possible to introduce yourself and arrange a meeting. This initial mentor-mentee meeting should take place within 2 weeks of mentor assignment. Please note that in myProgress, the "study plan" is the same thing as the mentorship form and you should upload this to myProgress once it is complete.


Form Submission Deadline
PDF icon Initial Mentorship Form By student,
to myProgress
Right after your mentor meeting (within 2 weeks of mentor assignment)



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