M.Sc. Thesis Seminar


Prior to writing their Master's thesis, the student is required to give a formal Thesis Seminar, during which they will explain the direction of their research and present their findings. After the successful completion of their seminar, the student is given permission to commence thesis writing, and is no longer required to organize Advisory Committee meetings.


The Master's Thesis Seminar must be attended by the student's supervisor (and co-supervisor, if applicable), all members of the Advisory Committee, and the Program Mentor who will chair the seminar. The seminar can be attended by other interested individuals as well. While social distancing remains in effect, your seminar should take place via zoom. Should you and your committee wish to make in-person arrangements, please contact us.

  1. At least three weeks prior to the desired schedule for the seminar and only after your thesis proposal has been approved by your advisory committee, the student is responsible for arranging the date, time and venue of their Thesis Seminar, ensuring that their Advisory Committee members, Supervisor and mentor can attend. This should be done using a doodle poll.
  2. When the poll is decided, the student must send an electronic calendar invitation on the McGill Exchange System to their supervisor, exam committee members, mentor and ipn [at] mcgill.ca. The student will then attach the thesis seminar-related documents to this calendar invite.

The seminar will take about 45 minutes, and will be followed by a question and answer period. At the end, the Advisory Committee members and Program Mentor will meet in closed session to review the student's file and the student's performance during the seminar, and will determine whether sufficient and satisfactory data is available to commence writing a successful thesis. The decision of the committee will be made by consensus on a pass/fail basis.

Template to be used:

Dear Members of my M.Sc. Seminar Committee:

This is a reminder that my M.Sc. Thesis Seminar will take place on:

Full date and time

The meeting will take place on zoom

You will find detailed information on the M.Sc. seminar presentation on the following site: https://www.mcgill.ca/ipn/current-students/program-requirements/msc-thesis-seminar.

The following documents are attached:

  • Student Transcript - showing that i passed three courses
  • M.Sc. Seminar Poster
  • Thesis proposal and approved form

Dr. ____________, as the student mentor, it is your responsibility to set up the zoom meeting. Please refer to the candidacy zoom instructions for more information.

After the seminar, a summary of a closed-session discussion with the Advisory Committee should be sent to ipn [at] mcgill.ca, indicating that all members of the committee agreed that I have gathered enough data to complete writing the Master’s thesis.


In the case of failure, one repeat will be permitted. 


The M.Sc. thesis seminar must be completed at least three (3) months before the planned submission of the thesis. Seminars cannot be scheduled during the summer season (July & August).



Form Submission Deadline
PDF icon Student Poster By student,
to ipn [at] mcgill.ca
At least 3 weeks before seminar
PDF icon M.Sc. Thesis Proposal Approval By student,
to ipn [at] mcgill.ca
At least 3 weeks before seminar
Final Thesis Proposal By student,
to ipn [at] mcgill.ca
At least 3 weeks before seminar
Summary of closed-session discussion with the Advisory Committee Written by the Program Mentor, who must submit the summary to ipn [at] mcgill.ca, the student and the thesis supervisor Immediately after the seminar

Important Notes

Must be registered in [course medium NEUR 698

Should have completed course requirements, including three courses: https://www.mcgill.ca/ipn/course-requirements

Approved proposal from the student's Advisory Committee that he/she is ready for the seminar


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