M.Sc. Thesis Proposal


The Master's Thesis Proposal is a written document explaining, in-depth, the Master's thesis envisaged by the student and their supervisor(s). The proposal must state the research question, present the hypothesis being tested, review the relevant background literature, summarize the methodology that is used, and present the research data to date. The Advisory Committee will review and evaluate the written proposal to ensure that the proposed research project meets the academic requirements of the degree sought and that it is satisfactory in both content and style. The committee will communicate its recommendations to the student and the Graduate Committee. 


The proposal should be 20-25 pages in length, double-spaced. This page length does not include the bibliography and figures. The proposal must include the following sections:

  • Introduction and Statement of Problem
  • Background Information (relevant literature leading up to your studies) 
  • Rationale for the study, hypothesis, and specific aims 
  • Methods for each specific aim, including the rationale for the choice of methods when alternatives exist, possible problems that may be encountered and their solutions, analysis and interpretation of data, etc. 
  • Summary of results to date (specific items may be included in methods, if preferable)
  • Short conclusion and statement of expected contributions to original knowledge
  • Preliminary bibliography


If the proposal is deemed unsatisfactory, the supervisor must discuss its weaknesses with the student and must incorporate changes that will ameliorate the proposal. The student is then responsible for submitting the Thesis Proposal Form to myProgress.

Overview and Deadline

The IPN requires all M.Sc. students to do their thesis proposal within 20 months of admission into the program. Once you have drafted your thesis proposal, please review it with your supervisor first. Once you are in agreement with your supervisor about your proposal, then circulate it to your Advisory Committee to receive feedback on your draft. We strongly advise that you start circulating your draft a few months before the 20 month deadline as not to miss this milestone, which will be documented as a delay on your record in myProgress. Once the Advisory Committee unanimously confirms that the your thesis proposal is satisfactory, you must submit the signed thesis proposal form to myProgress.


Form Submission Deadline
PDF icon M.Sc. Thesis Proposal Form

By students,

to myProgress

20 months
Final Thesis Proposal For your own records 20 months


Important Notes

Must be registered in

NEUR 697 Master's Thesis Proposal 9 Credits
    Offered in the:
  • Fall
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  • Summer


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