BrainReach North


What is BrainReach North?

BrainReach North is an online science education resource being developed by neuroscientist graduate students at McGill University. It is intended primarily for teachers and students in remote communities who may not have the opportunities and science enrichment options that are possible in urban centres. We want all young people to have the skills and opportunities to move freely in our society, including careers in high tech and science but also more generally as citizens and consumers of news, no matter where they grow up.

We also believe that our decisions as individuals and as a society can be improved by all citizens having an interest and understanding of how our minds work, and that this is best achieved by making science fascinating and relevant to students at an early age.

What do we offer?

-          Activities to stimulate curiosity and connect science with everyday life

-          Project ideas to reinforce scientific skills

-          Videos to illustrate topics and projects

-          “Meet the researcher” videos to put a face on science and demystify the research process

-          Direct interaction with experts to answer teacher and student questions before and after exercises

The materials are aimed at students in grades 2-8. The program is entirely web-based and is intended to be flexible enough to accommodate a variety of classrooms and learning environments.

Activity plans and resources are available for use now, and new ones are continually being developed. If you have a suggestion or need for an activity on a particular topic, we are happy to work with you to develop something awesome. We can also set up question-and-answer sessions or correspondence with you and your students so they can learn what it means to be a scientist.

To ask a question, request more information, or register your school or classroom to get access to our resources, please email us at:

info [at]


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