Message from the Directorship

The McGIll IPN is a neuroscience program unlike any other in the world. One of the things that makes us unique is our ability to offer our trainees the advantages of both quality and quantity. First-rate neuroscience research faculty, recognized around the world for their discoveries, are ready to supervise your graduate research and lecture in your classes. The impressive size (>200 faculty members in Neuroscience, spanning multiple campuses) and interdisciplinary nature of our program offer you unparalleled opportunities to carry out research in any neuroscience-related subject under the sun that may interest you. Furthermore, we create a collaborative training environment by supporting invited speaker seminar series, student/faculty journal clubs and research presentation opportunities, as well as prize-winning community outreach programs. We are also able to support travel anywhere in the world to learn specific skills with expert collaborators. Your graduate school years are a unique chance to explore the vast scientific playing field of ideas and to decide which you are most passionate about investigating further. Ultimately, the IPN at McGill places it all within your grasp. 

Dr. Joseph Rochford (Ph.D.), Director

Dr. Ed Ruthazer (Ph.D.), Associate Director