Team 8- Kalacska

Team 8: The MCRI Database and Bayesian Network Analysis


Example of a Bayesian Network model for Human-Environment interactions in the IOW


Team 8 is building a database that categorises data collected by the archival and field research teams, and subsequently analyses that data through Bayesian Networks in order to produce and test correlations between links and drivers of human-environment interaction.


Team 8 Leader: Margaret Kalacska



Kalácska is a Professor in the Department of Geography at McGill University. Her main research interests include ecological applications of remote sensing, forensic applications of remote sensing, hyperspectral data analysis, machine learning (pattern recognition, Bayesian Networks, classification), spatial modeling and tropical ecology.


Team 8 Collaborators


Name  affiliation focus

Pablo Arroyo

Applied Remote Sensing Laboratory (Research Associate)

Database design and web visualization

Raja Sengupta McGill University Geographic information science and applications of GIS to environmental management and services


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