Team 2- Warren

Team 2: Southeast Asia’s Global Economy. Climate and the Impact of Natural Hazards from the 10th to 21st Centuries


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Sudden explosion of volcano in Java 1939

Team 2 examines 3 main issues:

  •  the impact of climate-related and other natural hazards on the economy, society and history of the Philippines, from the 10th century to the present.
  •  Slavery, Islam and the Making of the Sulu Zone, 1768-1898
  •  A comparative history of pearling in the Indian Ocean World. 


​Team 2 Leader: James Warren, Murdoch University


Warren, an expert on  Southeast Asian history, has held positions at the ANU and Yale University, and is Fellow of the Centre for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, Asia Research Centre at Murdoch University, and Australian Academy of the Humanities. In 2003, he was awarded the Centenary Medal of Australia for service to Australian Society and the Humanities in the study of Ethnohistory, and in 2013, The Grant Goodman Prize in Historical Studies  from the Philippine Studies Group of the American Association for Asian Studies.


Team 2 Collaborators

Name Affiliation Focus
Joseph Christensen Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University

IOW Environmental History

Li Tana Australia National University Southeast Asian Culture and History
Jeremy Green Western Australian Museum Maritime Archeology
Alistair Paterson University of Western Australia Archeology of IOW
Anthony Reid Australian National University Southeast Asian History


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