Team 5- Gillon

Team 5: Currents of Exchange in the IOW


Image by Permissions granted by National Museum of the Philippines Directorship. Supported in part by Nautical Research Society..
Jennifer Craig and Emil Bermisera with the shipwreck San Diego beads.


Team 5 examines currents of exchange in the IOW, focussing on four main themes:

  • lingua-francas of the IOW over the past three thousand years
  • diffusion of rhetorical, dialectical, astronomical and mathematical traditions within the IOW
  • the extent of geographical knowledge of the IOW
  • interrelationships between diffusion of religious ideas and commercial exchange along main IOW trade routes.


​Team 5 Leader: Brendan Gillon, McGill University



Gillon received an MA in East Asian Studies from the University of Michigan, an MA in Sanskrit and Indian Studies from the University of Toronto, and a PhD in philosophy from MIT. After teaching philosophy at the University of Alberta and the University of Toronto, he is now a member of McGill University's Department of Linguistics and an associate of its Department of Philosophy. His research is divided between natural language semantics, Sanskrit linguistics and the history of logic and metaphysics in India, all areas in which he has published extensively. He is the co-editor of Semantics: A Reader (OUP, 2004) and the editor of Logic in Early Classical India (Motilal Banarsidass, 2010).


Team 5 Colaborators


Name Affiliation Focus
Ronald Kydd Tyndale Seminary, Toronto The Church of the East prior to 1400
Nicholas Ostler School of Oriental and African Studies, UK History of languages in Central, South and South-East Asia
Faiz Jamil Ragep Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University History of science in Islamic Studies


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