Team 7- Damodaran

Team 7: IOW Paleoclimate


View of Krakatoa during the Earlier Stage of the Eruption, 27th of May, 1883


Team 7 examines elements of the climate and paleoclimate history of the Indian Ocean world with a particular focus on the post 1400 period. It is also creating a meta base of documentary, paleo and observational data for the period, 1400-1900.

Team 7 Leader: Vinita Damodaran, University of Sussex


Damodaran is an environmental historian of modern India and Director of the Centre for World Environmental History at the University of Sussex. She has an M.A. and M. Phil from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and a PhD from Cambridge. She has a specific interest in the impact of mining on the environment, climate and communities of Eastern India. Damodaran is currently leading a research project on the botanical and meteorological history of the Indian Ocean in collaboration with leading institutions such as Kew Gardens, the British Library, the U.K. Met office and Botanical Survey of India, Kolkata. She is engaged in building up the profile of South Asian studies and environmental and climate history at the University of Sussex and internationally. 


Team 7 Collaborators

NAME Affiliation Focus
Rob Allen Met Office Hadley Centre, UK Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions
Andrew Bush University of Alberta Numerical modelling of the atmosphere and oceans
Mick Frogley University of Sussex Patterns and pacing of Quaternary climatic variability
Dominic Kniveton University of Sussex Climate vulnerability and impact studies
Suzanne Leroy Brunel University Environmental catastrophes and human responses
Yi Wang University of Sussex Modelling abrupt, large-scale climate changes in the Holocene


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