Team 3- Schottenhammer

Team 3: East Asian Mediterranean


Image by Reproduced with the kind permission of the Bavarian State Library.
Bankoku sōzu 萬國總圖, Nagasaki, 1671


Team 3 focuses on three main themes:

  • East Asian nation states or 'territorial' areas versus the East Asian world
  • the nature of exchange relations in the Asian world
  • military, political and religious influence on the development of early maritime trade


​Team 3 Leader: Angela Schottenhammer, University of Salzburg



Schottenhammer is a Professor of Non-European and World History in the History Department at the University of Salzburg, Austria. She formerly held posts in Pre–modern Chinese History at Ghent University, and El Colegio de México, in Chinese Studies at Ludwig Maximilians University and in Chinese History at Marburg University – both in Germany. From 2002-9, Schottenhammer was PI of "The East Asian Mediterranean, c. 1500–1850," an international research project sponsored by the VW–Foundation. She is currently establishing an international Research Centre on Exchange Relations in the East Asian World.


Team 3 Collaborators


Name  affiliation focus
Akifumi Iwabuchi Tokyo University of Marine Science & Technology Marine Culturology
Tansen Sen Baruch College, The City University of New York History of Buddhism and the Silk Road
Geoff Wade Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore Sino-Southeast Asian historical interactions
Jun Kimura Tokai University East Asian maritime archeology and shipbuilding
Mathieu Torck Ghent University  Social anthropology of China


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