Team 8- Kalacska

Team 8: The MCRI Database and Bayesian Network Analysis   Example of a Bayesian Network model for Human-Environment interactions in the IOW  

Team 6- Unruh

Team 6: Human-Environment Interaction in the Modern Era  

Team 5- Gillon

Team 5: Currents of Exchange in the IOW  

Team 10- Luginaah

Team 10: Environment, Health and Medicine in the IOW   Image by Mengieng Ung.Research on climate change adaption and human health in coastal Cambodia, 2013  

Team 7- Damodaran

Team 7: IOW Paleoclimate   View of Krakatoa during the Earlier Stage of the Eruption, 27th of May, 1883  

Team 2- Warren

Team 2: Southeast Asia’s Global Economy. Climate and the Impact of Natural Hazards from the 10th to 21st Centuries   Image by explosion of volcano in Java 1939


Read up on the Indian Ocean World MCRI's News and Events:  February 2012


Map of Human-Environment events for Madagascar during the 18th century based on the IOW Database  


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