Physical Representation and Symbolic Recognition Calls to Action 18 - 28
2.18 Hochelaga Rock (immediate term)
2.19 Acknowledgement of Traditional Territory (immediate term)
2.20 McGill’s History of Interaction with Indigenous Peoples (immediate term)
2.21 Varsity Teams and the McGill Name (immediate term)
2.22 Indigeneity and University Governance (immediate term)
2.23 Recognizing Indigenous Excellence (immediate term)
2.24 Elder-in-Residence Program (immediate term)
2.25 Artists-in-Residence Program (immediate term)
2.26 Indigeneity and Public Spaces at McGill (medium term)
2.27 Cultural and Living Spaces for Indigenous Members of the McGill Community (immediate and medium term)
2.28 Flying the Flags of Quebec’s Indigenous Peoples (immediate term)
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