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The Centre for Research in Air and Space Law, the research arm of the Institute, has published a vast amount of monographic studies, books, proceedings and theses with an interdisciplinary focus. Researchers affiliated with the Centre have been leaders in addressing air and space law issues for decades, holding interdisciplinary conferences and publishing books on contemporary legal and policy issues. The Centre is committed to continue and expand its research and teaching expertise in the field of law and policy.

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Since its founding, the Institute and the Centre for Research in Air and Space Law has produced an impressive array of publications. These publications by highly recognised scholars and practitioners  in the domains of air law and space law have been influential in the development and governance of this field of human activity. The complete list of works published by the Institute and Centre can be found here.

Since 1976, the Centre for Research in Air & Space Law has published the Annals of Air and Space Law, a specialised journal devoted to promoting scholarship in the field of air and space law. Published every year as a hard-cover book, the Annals of Air & Space Law is the world's foremost bilingual periodical in the field.

In recent years, the Centre also has published a Monograph series and an Occasional Paper Series, along with several other books and reports such as:

Public International Air Law (2017)

Public International Air Law (2008) by Professor Paul Stephen DempseyBy Professor Paul Stephen Dempsey

Air law has evolved and grown along with the aviation industry. Today, there is an elaborate and wide ranging collection of international conventions, treaties, and air transport agreements, as well as a highly developed body of domestic law having international application that govern air transport. Behind the glamour of air transportation are a myriad of issues relating to aviation security, aviation safety, the use of airports and air navigation services, as well as environmental concerns that are at play and that require extensive analysis and study.

The second edition of this comprehensive treatise on public international air law is a must not only for law students, but also to practicing lawyers, government officials and policymakers, airlines, insurers and members of the public who are interested in air law.


International Air Carrier Liability (2005)

By Professors Paul Stephen Dempsey & Michael Milde.

The 1999 Montreal Convention came into force on 4 November 2003 and is in force for 66 States – among them almost all the States of major importance in international air transport. In this treatise, the authors present a compact analytical guide to the 1999 Montreal Convention addressing air carrier passenger and cargo liability in international aviation, with informative cross-references to the history of its provisions, similarities and differences with respect to the “Warsaw system”, and the leading jurisprudence that has interpreted and applied the different provisions. This publication will prove useful not only to the students of law but also to the practicing lawyers, airlines, insurers and the public. 460 pages, hard cover, CAN $149.

Table of contents [.pdf].

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Other publications of note

  • Air Navigation: Flying Through Congested Skies (2007)
  • Asian Cooperation in Space Activities: A Common Approach to Legal Matters (2007)
  • Policy and Law Relating to Outer Space Resources: Examples of The Moon, Mars, and Other Celestial Bodies (2007)
  • International Aviation Policy for Canada (2005)
  • Space Security Index (2004-2007)

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