Universal Human Rights

Sovereignty Reshuffled? A New Global Order and the Future of Human Rights

28 May 2020

By Fatemeh Sadeghi. The authority of international laws have, in recent years, been increasingly challenged and are thus eroding, while the extrajudicial endeavors of governmental bodies in the...

Not Victims. Survivors and Activists

5 May 2020

By Paula Martins. While communication technologies can be lauded for having opened up freedom of expression in a number of ways, visiting scholar Paula Martins pushes those boundaries in a thought...

Reclaiming Universal Economic and Social Rights in a Convulsed Legal and Economic Order

31 Mar 2020

By Dorothy Estrada-Tanck. What elements of human rights need improved protection? A higher standard of economic, social, and cultural rights need to be protected along with civil and political rights.

Inequalities in the Colombian Legal Profession. An Opportunity to Reflect on the Chess Game of Law

28 Feb 2020

By Maria Ceballos-Bedoya.The Colombian legal profession continues to exemplify the inequalities experienced by lower-class and female students. This inequality is not limited to Colombia, and goes...

Artistic Freedom and the Question of Judicial Independence in Africa

19 Dec 2019

By Ayodele Ganiu. In ensuring an open and democratic governance, artists play an important role by addressing political, social and economic issues in ways that appeal to emotions, promote citizens...

Reclaiming Universal Human Rights in a Plural Global Order for Critical and Comprehensive Activism

25 Nov 2019

By Mauro Cristeche. To face the challenges of human rights, we should not simply develop a moral stance against injustice and inequalities; we should collaborate on building an alternative and...

On Global Human Rights — Part Two

5 Nov 2019

By Pierre-Alexandre Cardinal. In this second piece of a series of two, he proposes a pathway to the global reality of Human Rights, a form of de-centred and evolutive design grounded in the lived...

Pluralism in Women’s Property and Inheritance Rights – Challenges for realizing human rights in Bangladesh and India

11 Oct 2019

By Arafat Hosen Khan. Although women contribute immensely to all sectors of development, pluralism risks affecting their core human rights and access to land and inheritance. In many developing...

Reclaiming Universal Human Rights for Gender-Based Violence in a Plural Global Order: Opportunities and Challenges

9 Oct 2019

By Bianca Braganza. Reclaiming human rights in a plural global order is a complex endeavor. It requires Western hegemonic ideas of what “human rights” are be critically analyzed for their...


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