Temporary lay-off

1. Scope

1.1 This policy applies to all non-unionized administrative and support staff, with the exception of University Executives ("E").

1.2 For the purpose of this policy, "temporary lay-off" shall refer to any limited period of time during which a sessional employee does not report for work and is not in receipt of basic salary, but excluding any period of approved leave under the Unpaid Leave of Absence Policy, Parental Leaves Policy or the Disability Policy.

2. Policy

2.1 Temporary lay-off shall not be considered to be termination of employment.

2.2 Any vested vacation entitlement not yet taken by an employee who is temporarily laid off shall be taken immediately prior to lay-off. If necessary, the date of lay-off should be adjusted to accommodate the vacation period.

2.3 An employee who is temporarily laid off may elect to continue all or a portion of his/her benefits coverage, if any, for the duration of such lay-off by paying both the employee and the University shares of the cost of such coverage.

3. Procedures

3.1 In all cases of temporary lay-off, a Change of Status form must be completed by the Department Head and forwarded to the appropriate departments as early as possible.

3.2 Employees who are being temporarily laid off should contact the Department of Human Resources (Benefits Office) in order to make arrangements for continuation of benefits coverage, if desired. The total cost of all such continuing coverage (both employee and University shares) will be deducted from the employee's final pay cheque.

3.3 Employees with special payroll deductions (mortgage, Canada Savings Bonds, etc.) should contact the Payroll Office to make any special arrangements that may be necessary to continue payments during the period of temporary lay-off.

Revised March 2004.

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