Staff files policy

1. Scope

This policy applies to all confidential staff files maintained in Human Resources (Shared Services).

2. Policy

All personnel files maintained in Human Resources are private and confidential. Except as specifically provided in this policy, no person shall be permitted any access whatsoever to these files.

Only the following individuals will be permitted access to the file cabinets:

  • Staff of Human Resources
  • Staff of the Payroll Department
  • Staff of the Pension Department
  • Designated staff of the Budget Department
  • The Principal
  • The Vice-Principals
  • The Secretary-General
  • The Director of Internal Audit

The procedures applicable to authorized individuals wishing to remove a file are determined by Human Resources (Shared Services).

3. Reference to Files

Personnel files will be made available to the following individuals for reference with respect to their staff only:

  • Deans
  • Chairs
  • Department Heads
  • HR Advisors/Representatives

After notifying Human Resources (Shared Services) any employee or designated representative of that employee may examine all documents contained in the employee's personnel file, in the presence of a University representative, during regular business hours and upon presentation of the employee's identification card. Only the personnel of Shared Services are permitted to add or remove a document from an employee's file.

An employee may request a copy of any document contained in their own personnel file. Any such copy shall be provided only by personnel of Shared Services and shall be at the expense of the employee.

Staff of the Internal Audit Department shall be permitted free access to all personnel files.

Designated personnel from other administrative units will be permitted access to information contained in individual files following removal of any confidential information from the files that is irrelevant to the needs of the unit/department.

4. Computer Files

All information contained in the University's computerized personnel files is also considered private and confidential. Access to such information shall be restricted to conform with the intent of this policy.

Persons requiring information from computer files shall apply in writing to the Director, Shared Services, who will investigate each request to assure compliance with this policy.

5. Mailing Labels

Lists of University employees and mailing labels shall be available for official University business by written request to the Director, Shared Services. Each such request shall state the exact category of employees required on the list and the account number to be charged for any labels produced. .

The issuance of such lists and labels shall be at the discretion of the Manager, Records and Systems and the reason for the request should, therefore, be clearly stated.

Certified unions, MAUT and MUNASA will be supplied with mailing labels/lists with the University addresses of their own members only.

Effective April 30, 2000
Rev. September 2009


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