Personnel Policies Review Policy

1. The University retains the right to create, amend, or remove any policies but in order to maintain harmonious working relationships with it staff Association, it will do so in accordance with the following procedures:

2. Procedure:

Step 1:

At any time, the University will inform the Staff Association of its intent to create, amend, or remove a policy. The University will also consider amendments to policies proposed by the Staff Association;

Step 2: 

30 days after the receipt of such notice, the parties will enter into a period of discussion for at least three (3) months on the proposed modification(s) to find, if possible, a mutually agreeable position. 

During the period of discussion, a mutually agreeable third party from the University milieu may be invited to facilitate the discussion so as to maximize the probability that such policies and amendments will take into account the concerns of non-unionized non-academic staff, and this is in accordance with the process that has been communicated to the Staff Association by the University;

Step 3:

On January 1 and June 1 of each year, the University will implement the new and amended policies as discussed and, when possible, to the satisfaction of staff representatives, and update the information available on the University Web site accordingly.

Effective January 1, 2017

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