Long-term disability

Membership in this plan is compulsory for all full-time staff members. Part-time staff with an appointment at the University of at least nine-months' duration, who are paid on a weekly or semi-monthly basis at an annualized rate of not less than $25,000 are also eligible to participate if they have opted to join the Optional Benefits Program for part-time staff.

For the first six (6) months of an illness, the employee will continue to receive full salary from the University under the provisions of the Short-Term Disability plan, as long as proper medical evidence of disability is submitted. If the disability continues beyond six (6) months, the employee may qualify for Long-term Disability coverage. This plan guarantees a monthly disability income equal to sixty percent (60%) of the first $3,000 of covered earnings, plus forty-five percent (45%) of the balance of covered earnings. The maximum monthly benefit payable is $5,325.

Staff members who have been granted Employment Security will be guaranteed a position at the University consistent with the regulations pertaining to Employment Security when they are able to return to active duty.

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