Temporary alternative work arrangement

Temporary Alternative Work Arrangements (TAWA), which are intended to offer flexibility to meet departmental and employee needs, may be granted to:

  • Research Assistants or Research Associates
  • Unionized administrative and support staff (MUNACA or PSAC)
  • Management and staff excluded from the MUNACA​

  1. These arrangements are temporary in nature. They can be renewed by April 30 each year. The reference period for Temporary Alternative Work Arrangements is of twelve (12) months' duration, May 1 to April 30.
  2. On an annual basis, the Dean, Director, or senior administrative head should review existing agreements, which may be subject to renewal, together with any new requests for Temporary Alternative Work Arrangements.
  3. Once discussed and agreed at the faculty or departmental level, the HR Advisor/Direct Services Representative should forward the request no later than April 1 to ensure timely review prior to May 1.
  4. Any modification or extension to an agreement of a Temporary Alternative Work Arrangements must be reviewed by the Dean, Director, or senior administrative head, and a new agreement completed and signed.


Requests should be sent directly to: adminapprovals.hr [at] mcgill.ca.

  To find request forms, please scroll down to benefits on the forms page.