International Partnerships Program

International research is a pivotal element of HBHL and contributes to meeting the overall objectives of the Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF) program which are to help institutions to:

  • Compete with the best in the world for talent, for partnership opportunities, and to make breakthrough discoveries
  • Seize emerging opportunities and strategically advance their greatest strengths on the global stage
  • Implement large-scale, transformational and forward-thinking institutional strategies

The HBHL International Partnerships Program is a strategic funding envelope to support projects that demonstrate high potential to build and advance partnerships that will meet these objectives. The program supports international research collaborations between McGill University and leading institutions known for high-quality research and global ranking.

Autopsy & Rapid Brain Collection Partnership: Towards understanding neurodegenerative disease

Headshot of Jo Anne StrattonPI: Jo Anne Stratton
International partner: Paul Matthews, UK Dementia Research Institute
HBHL funding: $185,400

This project aims to address inaccuracies in autopsy material created by processing artifacts. To do so, the team will develop a bank of healthy brain tissue to better inform and optimize the use of autopsy data, determine how differing autopsy processing conditions affect autopsy sequencing datasets, and create a user-friendly website to help researchers assess how their data is subject to artifacts.

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