HBHL Symposium 2019

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The HBHL Symposium is designed to showcase the vision, goals and priorities of McGill's most ambitious interdisciplinary brain and mental health research initiative. Join us for thoughtful exchange on our four research themes that will spark new ideas, collaboration and innovation, not only within McGill but across the Canadian and international neuroscience communities. The Symposium is part of HBHL's annual two-day event, along with our Research Day.

Highlights of the 2019 HBHL Symposium:

  • Keynote presentations by world-leading experts in the field of neuroscience
  • Progress reports from senior HBHL researchers who lead our Discovery and Innovative Ideas projects
  • HBHL funding and activities updates
  • Opportunities to network and form collaborations
  • Complimentary lunch & refreshments, and reception to close the day

2019 Schedule (PDF)

8:00 Breakfast & Registration


Opening Remarks

  • Philippe Gros, Deputy Vice-Principal (Research and Innovation), McGill University

HBHL Welcome

  • Alan Evans, Scientific Director, Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives, McGill University

Keynote Lecture: The Situated Brain: Advancing Population Neuroscience and Healthy Lives


Discovery Fund: Integrative analytics for multi-modal, multi-scale neuroscience

  • Bratislav Misic, Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, McGill University

Discovery Fund: A platform for biocomputational models of neurodegenerative disease

  • Alain Dagher, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, McGill University
9:55 Coffee & Networking

Keynote Lecture: Imaging Genetics: Advances, Pitfalls & Assumptions

  • David Glahn, Associate Chief for Research, Department of Psychiatry, Boston Children's Hospital

Innovative Ideas Flash Talks!
Principal Investigators leading HBHL's Innovative Ideas grants at McGill University will provide a brief overview of their projects. 

Nathan Spreng, In vivo cholinergic markers of Alzheimer’s disease progression
Edith Hamel, Brain hemodynamic signals as a dynamic biomarker of dementia initiation, progression and treatment
Alia Alameri (on behalf of Tim Kennedy), Developing vascularized brain organoids on-chip for high throughput screening
Denise Klein, What we can learn from speech patterns: A machine learning view into health and disease
Christopher Pack, Targeted plasticity for recovery from cortical visual impairment
Amir Shmuel, MRI guided hierarchical sectioning and stitching of brain blocks for alignment of digitized histology to corresponding MR images
Adam Oberman (on behalf of David Stephens), High complexity statistical modeling via optimal transportation
Christine L Tardif, In vivo marmoset imaging at 3 Tesla
Jean-François Trempe, Measuring protein turnover in organoid and animal models of Parkinson’s disease
Marie-Elyse Lafaille-Magnan (on behalf of Ashley Wazana), When gender matters: Differential effects of prenatal adversity on the development of ADHD and related neurocognitive deficits

12:00 Lunch & Networking

Neuro-Partnership Announcement

  • Alan Evans and Diane Gosselin, President and CEO, CQDM

Discovery Fund: Translational neuroscience and Canadian society

  • Kieran O'Donnell, Assistant Professor in Epigenetics and Epidemiology, Department of Psychiatry, McGill University

Discovery Fund: Brain plasticity mediating improved memories through online and offline stimulation methods in healthy adults and patients with a chronic neurological condition

  • Julien Doyon, Director, McConnell-Brain Imaging Centre, Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University

HBHL Update

  • Kristina Ohrvall, Interim Managing Director, Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives, McGill University
14:15 Coffee & Networking

Panel Discussion
From Big Data to Big Knowledge: How will computational neuroscience transform brain research and clinical practice?

Rosemary Bagot, Department of Psychology, McGill University
David Glahn, Department of Psychiatry, Boston Children's Hospital
Doina Precup, School of Computer Science, McGill University
Blake Richards, Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University
Richard Wade-Martins, Department of Physiology, Anatomy, and Genetics, University of Oxford
Carol Worthman, Professor of Anthropology, Emory University

Moderator: Alan Evans, Scientific Director, Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives, McGill University


Closing Remarks

  • Doina Precup, Associate Scientific Director, Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives, McGill University
16:25 Networking Reception

Thank you to our funders and sponsors!

HBHL Funders

Canada First Research Excellence Fund / Apogée Canada Fonds d'Excellence en Recherche   Fonds de recherche Santé Québec   Économie, Science, et Innovation Québec   


Major Sponsors of the 2019 HBHL Symposium and Research Day


        BioLegend: Enabling Legendary Discovery        STEMCELL Technologies



General Sponsors of the 2019 HBHL Symposium and Research Day


10x Genomics     Brain Canada Foundation/Fondation Brain Canada     Charles River

CIBC      Genome Québec     Lallemand Health Solutions

Laserglow technologies   nanoString      Pfizer


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