Winners announced for HBHL Neuro Commercialization Ignite Grants Competition III

Published: 1 April 2022

HBHL is proud to officially announce the 10 winners of the third round of HBHL Ignite grants. The winning principle investigators and their respective projects are:


  • Jeremy Cooperstock, Extending Multimodal Access to Graphical Exploration (IMAGE)
  • Christopher Pack, Non-invasive control of pathological brain activity
  • Yannis Trakadis, A Novel Personalized Treatment Platform
  • Stefanie Blaines-Moraes, The Adaptive Reconfiguration Index: A Novel Tool for Prognosticating Recovery in Unresponsive Patients
  • Yang Zhou, Gene Therapy for NDDs, a Proof-of-Concept Test in Human Neurons
  • Alexandre Reynaud, Dichoptic presentation of ebooks for the treatment of amblyopia and other visual conditions
  • Reza Farivar, The ICU Minder
  • Manuela Ferrari, Game changer: Toward personalized diagnostics in youth mental health using Artifical Intelligence (AI) and video games
  • Leonard Levin, Detection of Neurodegenerative Disorders Using Advanced Ocular Imaging
  • Boris Bernhardt, BrainScores: a tool for multimodal, quantitative, and collaborative MRI analysis


The objective of the Ignite grant is to support small-scale validation/proof-of-principle efforts in the development of a neuroscience-related technology.

The Ignite grants represent the first of two phases in the HBHL Neuro-Commercialization Grants program, the aim of which is to accelerate the maturation and commercialization of neuroscience-related technology derived from research conducted at McGill. 

Check out the past and present winners of the Neuro Commercialization Ignite Grants Competition. 

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