Members of the Richards Lab

Principal Investigator

Brent Richards, M.D., M.Sc.

Division of Endocrinology
Departments of Medicine, Human Genetics, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
FRSQ Clinician Scientist
Professor– McGill University, Senior Lecturer (Honorary) – King’s College London

Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Community Studies
Sir Mortimer B. Davis - Jewish General Hospital
3755 Côte Ste-Catherine Road, Suite H-413
Montréal, Québec H3T 1E2
(brent.richards [at] (Email))

Research Team

Yann Ilboudo, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Laetitia Laurent, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Joseph (Yossi) Farjoun, PhD

Senior Biostatistician

Fangyi Shi, M.Sc.

Research Assistant 

Satoshi Yoshiji, M.D.

PhD student

Tomoko Nakanishi, M.D.

PhD Student

Yiheng Chen, M.Sc.

PhD Student

Tianyuan Lu, B.Sc.

PhD Student

Guillaume Butler-Laporte, M.D.

MSc Student

Takayoshi Sasako, M.D.

Visiting Scientist

Kevin Liang, M.Sc.

PhD Student 

Julian Willett, M.D.

PhD Student 

Issam El Kbaiche, M.Sc.

Data Engineer

Marie-Catherine Tessier

Laboratory Technician

David Morrison, MSc., GCBA.


Project Manager

Mariana Pico

Clinical Research coordinator

Zaman Afrasiabi, M.D.

Clinical Research Coordinator

Meriem Bouab, M.Sc.

Clinical Research Coordinator

Darin Adra, BEng.

Clinical Research coordinator 

Naomi Duggan, B.Sc.

Clinical Research Coordinator

Administrative Team

Darin Adra, Clinical Research Coordinator 

Diane Gaudreau, Financial Administrator and HR Liaison

Former Trainees and Staff


             Martin Ladouceur (Post-Doc)            Zari Dastani (Post-Doc)                        Oriana Yu (MSc Student)


            Houfeng Zheng (Post-Doc)                Rui Li (Post-Doc)                                Aaron Leong (Cl. Trainee)


          Stephanie Ross (Post-Doc)           Lauren Mokry (MSc Student)                     Omar Ahmed (Cl. Trainee)


          Kourosh Lalavi (Cl. Trainee)          Muhammad Mujammami (Cl. Trainee)       John Morris (PhD Student)


        Tricia Peters (Cl. Trainee)           Julyan Keller-Baruch (MSc Student)     Despoina Manousaki (PhD Student)


         Adil Harroud (Cl. Trainee)           Agustin Cerani (PhD Student)           Haoyu Wu (MSc Student)           


        Danielle Henry ( Research Assistant )Hershlee Vernet (CRC)            Nardin Rezk (CRC)          


         Branka Vulesevic (CRC)             Devin Kreuzer ( Summer Student)  Biswarup Ghosh ( Data Scientist) 


       Sirui Zhou (Post-Doc)           Chantal Deluca (CRC)

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