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McGill Clinical Genomics and COVID19 Biobank
The JGH Site of the Biobanque Québec COVID-19

The McGill Clinical Genomics program (McG) aims to implement hospital-based genomic medicine building on robust research to improve clinical care. McG seeks to improve disease diagnosis and risk-stratification, the efficiency of test ordering and prediction of drug responses that will deliver benefits to person-centered patient care and value to the wider healthcare system and across the CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal/Center West Montreal.

McG COVID-19 Biobank

About our Biobank




We are collecting blood samples and information about your health to understand the causes and risk factors for COVID-19 and its complications.                                                        




You are eligible to participate IF:

  • You have or had flu- like symptoms
  • You have undergone, or you will
  • undergo, a COVID-19 nasal swab test              
  • You are a Canadian Citizen, permanent
  • resident , or landed immigrant .



  • We will ask you a few quest ions about your health. The quest ions will take a few minutes.
  • Then, we will coordinate the blood draw for the research study.
  • Later, we may call you for further follow-up.


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How will the information collected be used?

The McGill Clinical Genomics Biobank will undertake genetic studies and other health research studies. All of this data will be identified by a code and remain confidential. We intend to share this data with qualified researchers in academia and industry, after approval, to support studies that help to improve understanding of risk factors, causes of diseases, prediction of drug responses and improvement of clinical care in COVID-19 infection.




Avez-vous testé positif à la COVID19? Si oui, seriez-vous intéressé de contribute à la recherche sur la COVID19? Pour obtenir plus d'informations, prenez rendez-vous avec un de nos coordonnateurs de recherche.

Vous receverez un honoraire de $50 pour compenser votre transport. Vous avez aussi l’option d’obtenir un test d’anticorps pour la COVID19 au lieu de l’honoraire de $50




Have you tested positive for COVID19? If yes, would you be interested in contributing to COVID19 research? To get more information, please book an appointment with one of our research coordinators.

You will receive a $50 transportation honorarium or a COVID19 antibody test in lieu of the $50 honorarium if you choose.


For the latest information on McGill's response to COVID-19, please visit the Coronavirus Information website.


For Researchers

Biobanque Québec COVID-19 Data Release 4

The JGH Site of the Biobanque Québec COVID-19 ( has collected samples and/or data from over 1710 individuals. The following data from BQC19 JGH site participants will be released in the fourth data release for use by approved investigators:

  1. Clinical variables on available individuals: ~ 1,710
  2. Genome-wide genotyping data on available individuals: ~1,290
  3. Whole genome sequence data on available individuals:~ 1,106
  4. Proteomics data on available individuals: ~1,241
  5. Metabolon metabolomics data on available individuals: ~1,265
  6. Viral sequencing data on available individuals: ~417


This data release process will be managed by The McGill Interdisciplinary Initiative in Infection and Immunity (MI4) and is being released rapidly to enable COVID-19 research.

Applications for access to data are encouraged from investigators at academic institutions, within industry and from all countries.

Interested parties should fill out the Access Form and send to [at]

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PDF icon Available data

File List of Somalogic protein

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Biobanque Québec COVID-19 JGH Site Third Samples Release


We are pleased to announce the availability of biological samples from the Jewish General Hospital site of the Biobanque Québec COVID19 (BQC19) for use by researchers at academic institutions, within industry and from all countries. The JGH site has collected PBMC samples from 1132 individuals at different time points (for a total of 1863 samples) and Plasma samples from 1646 individuals at different time points (for a total of 3157 samples) who were tested with SARS-CoV-2 nasal swabs at the JGH.

The JGH has elected to share these samples with researchers through the MI4 program, which will use an independent, external peer review committee to decide how to use these samples.

Please send your completed application to the following email address: [at]

PDF icon Description of Biobanque Québec COVID-19 JGH Site 3rd samples Release and Access Procedures

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Contact us


Contact information for questions:

Email:covid19_biobank [at]   

Phone: 514-492-0087                                                                      






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