Learning from top dairy managers

29 Oct 2019

Internships are an integral part of the Farm Management and Technology (FMT) program curriculum. During the three-year-long program, student complete four internships or stages, two of which are...

Go west, young man: internship experiences in Alberta

5 Oct 2018

Devin Keenan got to experience life on an Alberta dairy farm as he completed his summer stage at Mars Dairy Ltd in Stettler, AB.

Hands-on learning from a market gardener

1 Oct 2018

Grégory Dupont, an FMT student from Saint-Alexandre, describes his experience working on an organic market garden farm for the summer as part of his 13-week Agricultural Internship completed for...

From urbanite to future farmer

1 Oct 2018

Sophie Mitchell, an FMT student from Montreal, describes her experience working on a dairy farm for the summer as part of her 13-week Agricultural Internship completed for the program.

Course descriptions

The main objective of this program is to develop the professional competencies needed to operate and manage a modern agricultural enterprise. This is achieved through the development of skills over...

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