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Located in Montréal, in the Côtes-des-Neiges area.

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• Spoken: English and French (+multilingual environment)
• Teaching : English
• Charting: English


The Herzl dispensary officially opened its doors on June 2, 1912. Initially, the Herzl Dispensary provided rudimentary medical care to a community of limited means. Following its genesis in the years leading to the First World War, doctors at the Herzl Dispensary helped to spearhead the establishment of the Jewish General Hospital.

As the needs of its community changed, the Herzl Dispensary evolved into the "Herzl Health Centre". Later, in further recognition of its community's growing needs, the Herzl Health Centre merged with the, by now well established, Jewish General Hospital's own family practice clinic to create the Herzl Family Practice Centre of the Department of Family Medicine.

In 1974 the Herzl Clinic began training residents in family medicine as a UMF.  Initially a small class, the centre now has 48 residents in addition to over 30 students per year rotating through its doors. 

In addition to all of its previous commitments, in 2008 Herzl became a CRIU (Clinique réseau intégrée Universitaire). One of only two in the province of Quebec, this added additional allied health professionals (Pharmacist, dieticians, nurse practitioners, social workers, psychologists etc…) to our staff to assist in caring for our patients and developing a model for interprofessional teamwork. As a leader in Quebec’s primary care reform we stive to practice, teach and research the interprofessional approach to patient care.

Today's Herzl Family Practice Centre provides a comprehensive range of medical and social services to a clientele that cuts across all socio-economic levels and ethnic groups. In addition, today's facilities are part of the resources of a modern teaching hospital connected to McGill University's Faculty of Medicine and a highly regarded training facility for doctors of family medicine affiliated with McGill's Department of Family Medicine. The permanent staff of family physicians at the HFPC is on the faculty at McGill and is responsible for supervising undergraduate medical students and fully qualified graduate resident physicians over a two-year period. The supervisors are full-time and part-time practising physicians who also are certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada , from where the Centre proudly receives its full accreditation every 5 years.



Côte-des-Neiges has a large immigrant population and is one of the most densely populated and ethnically diverse neighborhoods in Canada. With over 100 different ethnic communities, predominantly: Québécois, Filipino, West Indian, South Asian, Jewish, Latin American, Iranian, Chinese, Arab, Vietnamese, Eastern European and African.  Most of the population speak French or English but many are multi-lingual speakers of other languages.


Undergraduate Teaching


Goals of the clerkship:

• To promote a patient-centered model of care
• To develop an ambulatory care approach
• To promote an understanding of the patient as part of a family and the   community
• To promote continuous and comprehensive care
• To foster health promotion and disease prevention
• To teach the need for continued self-directed learning
• To provide an opportunity for an informed career choice

Student's activities:

Each student’s individualized schedule will introduce him/her to the wide variety of opportunities within Family Medicine.  You will be assigned to a team at Herzl and will work closely with other team members to address and promote the health and well-being of your patient population. You will be scheduled in acute care, follow-up, breastfeeding, and women’s health clinics as well as the Adolescent Outreach Program. Furthermore, you will participate at our weekly journal club and core teaching sessions, in addition to the regularly organized sessions for all clerkship students.

Postgraduate Teaching



• 46 residents (23 R1s and 23 R2s)


• Horizontal (residents maintain a family practice three half days per week throughout the two-year program) 

To learn more on the postgraduate curriculum, click here


The Jewish General Hospital (JGH) started a training program for Family Medicine residents in 1974. The hospital was founded in 1935 by general practitioners and the department of Family Medicine now counts some 100 members.
Our department believes that residents must have the opportunity to reach their potential as family physicians. To meet this goal, residents inherit a busy practice from their graduating colleagues and are given the primary responsibility for these patients. As a member of a team the resident functions as a partner under the supervision of a family physician, a nurse practitioner and a team coordinator.

The following are some aspects of training that are particular to our unit:

Clinical Training in Family Medicine:

The Herzl Family Practice Centre (HFPC) is the site for clinical training in family medicine office practice. The Centre (located in Pavilion H) and our CRIU walk in clinic(located at 5858 Cote Des Neiges) feature state of the art facilities for teaching and supervision of residents. The HFPC has an ethnic, multicultural flavour, reflecting the demography of the Côte-des-Neiges area.Our program emphasizes the role of the family physician in maternal and child care and residents are involved in the care of pregnant women and their children at the family practice centre. Our division of Family Medicine practice obstetrics is recognized as one of the pre-eminent programs in the country.


A teenage health unit and adolescent medicine program have been established at Herzl. All of our residents are integrated into this program and learn to deal with common adolescent problems. An outreach program, conducted in high schools throughout the Greater Montreal area, and a 24-hour telephone hotline are aspects of the program in which residents participate.

Drug Rehabilitation:

Through the Alternative Drug rehabilitation program, we provide medical consultation for patients with substances abuse problems. In addition, we have a Methadone program that allows our residents to assess and follow patients with chronic drug abuse.


International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) work alongside Family Physicians trained in lactation to manage complex breastfeeding cases referred by health care professionals from Montreal and surrounding areas. The Breastfeeding Clinic also serves as an education site for medical students, residents and fellows.

In-Patient Care:

Family physicians admit and follow their own patients on the general medical ward of the hospital. During one rotation in Family Medicine and on in-house on-call residents, work with family physicians responsible for running the in-patient service.


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Herzl Family Practice Centre, SMBD Jewish General Hospital

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Herzl Family Practice: 5790 Côtes-des-Neiges 2nd Floor, Pavillon H, Montréal, Québec
CRIU: 5885 Cote St 5th Floor, Montréal, Québec

3755 Côte Ste-Catherine Montréal, Québec H3T 1E2

Website:  Herzl family Medicine Centre, Jewish General Hospital

Interim Department Chief Dr. Mark Karanofsky
Undergraduate Education Coordinator Dr. Keith Todd
Postgraduate Education Director Dr. Meira Steirn
Administrative Coordinator of the Residency and Education Program fmteachi [at] her.jgh.mcgill.ca (Ann Continelli)
Telephone: 514-340-8222 ext 24870
Fax: 514-340-8298


For Any questions regarding Curriculum, contact:

Undergraduate Program Administrative Coordinator TBC
Postgraduate Program Adminstrator julie.lane [at] mcgill.ca (Julie Lane)


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