Building Services

Ensuring that campus buildings are clean and functional, McGill Building Services aims to be a leader in the custodial industry at large.

The Building Services team is dedicated to promoting sustainable cleaning standards in its daily maintenance operations while keeping the highest productivity and quality of services for the McGill community.

Building Services

Green initiatives

Our team is dedicated to ensuring productivity and efficiency while constantly improving our operations to adhere to the latest sustainability standards.

Here are some of our newest sustainable initiatives.

Waste reduction strategy

An ambitious 4-part plan to drive down landfilled waste on the downtown campus. 

Click here for more information. 

Ecofriendly products

The Building Services team has phased out petrochemical-based cleaners in regular janitorial services, replacing them with natural enzyme-based products. Furthermore, Building Services now uses microfiber cloths as opposed to conventional rags, minimizing the amount of cleaning product necessary.

McGill's custodial teams only use cleaning products that conform to the following environmental standards:

· Ecologo/UL certification and bear one of the following labels on their container: Ecologo, Green Seal and/or Biodegradable;

· Long-lasting effect to reduce frequency of maintenance tasks;

· Concentrated formula;

· Rapidly biodegradable in nature (5 to 30 days);

· Made with renewable ingredients and/or vegetable and mineral matter;

· Non petroleum-based;

· Phosphate-free;

· Chlorine-free;

· CFC-free;

· No synthetic perfumes;

· No dyes;

· No heavy metals (zinc);

· Not tested on animals;

· Containing products that are in compliance with SIMDUT/WHMIS pH level per product;

· Placed in reusable containers made of recycled materials;

· See-through containers;

· Packaged in ergonomic, recyclable and tamper proof packaging

Sustainable cleaning equipment

Building Services has phased in new water-only floor scrubbing machines and steam cleaning wands, allowing quality cleaning without the use of chemicals. Instead, both equipment types rely on hot water to clean and disinfect. This water-only equipment saves about 515 L of cleaning products annually.

Equipment recycling programs

Building Services has implemented recycling programs for equipment and supplies wherever possible. Examples include the recycling of industrial batteries from floor scrubbing machines, the use of recyclable floor brushes as opposed to disposable pads, and the employment of a preventative equipment maintenance program in which the parts from all dysfunctional machines are kept and reused. This drastically reduces equipment turnover, keeping these parts out of landfill.


Custodial Services include:

  • Cleaning of washrooms, classrooms and all other areas of the University's buildings.
  • Changing all types of lights, tubes, bulbs etc. (to a maximum height of 10').
  • 24-Hour assistance, contact On-Call District Supervisor by pager.
  • Auxiliary functions
  • Regular and daily maintenance includes:
  • Washroom cleaning: sinks / toilets / urinals, toilet paper, hand soap / towels
  • Waste and recycling
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting / dust mop
  • Washing floors (damp mopping, dry scouring, wet scouring, spray buffing, and the like)
  • Replacement of individual light bulbs
  • Unlocking / locking doors (building and individual rooms)
  • Cleaning classrooms, offices, hallways and other areas
  • Salting and snow removal at entrances
  • Poster removal
  • Cleaning eating areas (cafeterias, lounges)
  • Minimal security and monitoring in buildings
  • Pest control


Visit the following pages for more details on services, policies and procedures.

Contact us


Building Services are broken down into four districts, each overseen by a District Supervisor:

Districts and District Supervisors

francois.delisle2 [at] (François Delisle)
District Supervisor (District NW)
514-398-4505 or Cell: 514-617-4983

eric.harroch [at] (Eric Harroch)
Building Services Analyst
514-398-2429 or Cell: 514-267-9293

miroslav.pechousek [at] (Miroslav Pechousek)
Shift Supervisor
Cell: 514-829-8104

dimitrios.petropoulos [at] (Dimitrios Petropoulos)
District Supervisor (District SW)
514-398-3258 or Cell: 514-968-9668

luc.rodrigue [at] (Luc Rodrigue)
District Supervisor (District NE)
514-398-3935 or Cell: 514-977-5519

elio.taddeo [at] (Elio Taddeo)
Shift Supervisor
Cell: 514-977-6348

leonidas.kloukinas [at] (Leonidas Kouklinas)
District Supervisor (District SE)
514-398-3728 or Cell: 514-358-4239

To reach all Supervisors email group address:
BuildingServicesOperations [at]

Building Services – 24-hour assistance

For immediate assistance please call the Building Services 'On-Call Supervisors' at the numbers outlined below:

Monday to Friday / Lundi au Vendredi
07:00 to 15:00 514-829-3269
15:00 to 23:00 514-829-1753
23:00 to 07:00 514-617-6958
Saturday to Monday /Samedi au Lundi
07:00 to 07:00 514-829-1753

Porter Services

Porters are assigned to some of the larger buildings on Campus. They normally work from 07:00 to 14:45 Monday to Friday. The porter ensures that:

  • The buildings are fully functional.
  • The buildings are clean and in good operational order.
  • Mail is sorted and processed on a priority basis
  • The buildings are secure and safe for day to day operations
  • Client inquiries are responded to appropriately
  • The District Supervisor is kept abreast of issues

To reach all Porters email group address: fmd_porters [at]

Building Porter

Telephone / Pager

  • Armstrong
  • 3430-3434-3438 McTavish
  • 3459-3463-3465 Peel
bronfmanporter.fmd [at] (Email)

(Acting Porter)

T : 514-398-5079

C: 514-838-5195

South West
  • Otto Maass
burnsideporter.fmd [at] (Email)

Gustavo Oyola

T : 514-398-7473

C: 514-622-4302


South East


  • Ludmer (1033 Pine)
  • Beatty Hall
  • 1140 Pine

educationporter.fmd [at] (Email)

Mario Massa

T : 514-398-7497

C: 514-829-7829

North West
Frank Dawson Adams
  • Schulich Library
  • Macdonald Harrington
fdaporter.fmd [at] (Email)
Michael Noonan

T : 514-398-8417

C: 514-618-2853

South East
James Administration
  • Wilson Hall
  • Henry Birks
adminporter.fmd [at] (Email)
Boguslaw Rebecki

T : 514-398-7481

C: 514-829-7527


North East
  • Arts
  • Dawson Hall
  • Morrice Hall
  • Redpath Hall
  • Redpath Museum
leacockporter.fmd [at] (Email)
(Acting Porter)

T : 514-398-5081

C:  514-820-8072

South West

McConnell Engineering

  • Macdonald Engineering

mcconnellporter.fmd [at] (Email)

Enrico Recine

T : 514-398-8403

C: 514-617-1657

South East

McIntyre Medical

  • Hosmer House
  • Hosmer Annex
  • Davis House
  • 3605 Mountain

mcintyreporter.fmd [at] (Email)

Tony DiCesare

T : 514-398-5080

C: 514-829-7806

North West
McLennan Library
  • Redpath Library
mclennanlibporter.fmd [at] (Email)
Jose Rego

T : 514-398-3633

C: 514-829-4673

South West
  • Trottier
  • Wong
physicsporter.fmd [at] (Email)
Enrique Bravo

T : 514-398-7102

C: 514-829-7597

North East
Stewart Biology
  • Chancellor Day Hall
  • Gelber Law Library
  • 3661 Peel
stewartbioporter.fmd [at] (Email)
Dino Bisanti

T : 514-398-5078

C: 514-616-7356


North West
Strathcona Anatomy & Dentistry
  • Genome
  • Lyman Duff
strathconaadporter.fmd [at] (Email)
Eduardo Ridenti

T : 514-398-6691

C: 514-829-7768

North East
Strathcona Music
strathconamusicporter.fmd [at] (Email)
Michael Noonan

T : 514-398-8216

C: 514-618-2853

South East


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