Energy Transition

Roadmap for McGill's Energy Transition

In December 2017, following the recommendations of the Advisory Council on Sustainability, McGill's senior administration (the Principal and vice-principals) committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2040.  All Scope 1 and 2 emissions as well as material Scope 3 emissions are included in the target.  Emissions from building energy use accounted for 66% of McGill's 2015 gas inventory, therefore, transitioning McGill's energy systems to low-carbon solutions will be key to meeting the University's carbon neutrality target.  Utilities & Energy Management together with the Office of Sustainability developed a roadmap for the energy transition.  Note that initiatives have been identified by the Office of Sustainability to tackle other sources of emissions such as those from McGill's fleet of vehicles, from directly-financed air travel, or from commute.  The roadmap focuses solely on the de-carbonization of McGill's building energy systems.

PDF icon roadmap_for_mcgills_energy_transition_eng.pdf

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