Diploma in Environment (30 credits)

The Diploma in Environment is designed for students with an undergraduate degree who wish to enrich or reorient their training, supplementing their specialization with additional undergraduate level course work.

The Diploma requires 30 credits of full-time or part-time study. Taken full-time, the Diploma is a one year program.

Students holding a BSc or BA degree or equivalent can register for the Diploma in Environment through the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, or the Faculty of Arts, provided they meet University admission criteria.

Program Requirements (30 credits)

Required Courses (18 credits)

ENVR 200 - The Global Environment
ENVR 201 - Society,Environ&Sustainability
ENVR 202 - The Evolving Earth
ENVR 203 - Knowledge, Ethics&Environment
ENVR 301 - Environmental Research Design
ENVR 400 - Environmental Thought

Complementary Courses (12 credits)

3 credits must be taken with the approval of the program adviser in an area outside the student's previous degree (e.g., those with those with a B.A. degree must take 3 credits in the natural sciences; those with a B.Sc. degree must take 3 credits in the social sciences). A list of Suggested Courses is available.

9 credits must be taken in an area of focus chosen by the student with the approval of the program adviser. At least 6 credits must be taken at the 400-level or higher.  All courses must be at the 200 level and above, and completed with a grade of C or better.

Courses should be chosen under the guidance of the Program Coordinator for academic advising.

To obtain the Diploma, students must:

  1. fulfill all program requirements for the Environment Diploma;
  2. fulfill all degree requirements for the Environment Diploma, as provided in the the University's 'Programs, Courses, and University Regulations' e-Calendar; and,
  3. earn a grade of C or higher in all courses.


See also Information for Students for details concerning:

  • Suggested First Year courses
  • Taking courses Outside your Faculty or on the "Other" campus (Science students, in particular, need to be aware of the Restricted Courses list)
  • ENVR course sections - beware!
  • Statistics course(s) overlap
  • Your Faculty's Student Affairs Office
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