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Thank you for considering us in your philanthropic planning.

The Bieler School of Environment attracts a unique type of student, who is able to comprehend and navigate the complex dynamics of environmental challenges and are catalysts of change in their communities.

Our students have the opportunities to conduct research on subjects ranging from sustainable forestry and biodiversity, researched ways to improve air quality, and worked with fast food chains on alternative green packaging. The world is their laboratory.

The School's students are vital in communities abroad. In Panama, student teams have worked in conjunction with the prestigious Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) on several innovative projects, including a determination of how the clearing of a forest affects habitat and the development of ecotourism in collaboration with local communities. They build knowledge and competencies to create change, they have confidence in questioning established norms, they have ingenuity and are open to new ideas and learn to communicate and contribute effectively in all situations.

Your support helps us nurture young adults wishing to pursue a career in environment and stimulate their passion for life-long learning. 

Environment Fund for a Sustainable Future

Support students directly through experiential, outside the classroom learning opportunities; promote sustainability initiatives through various forms of community involvement; empower students to make a change in the world.

Allocation Code: 07226

Greatest Needs

Scholarships, Awards and Fellowships: supporting research experiences to build knowledge, recognizing student excellence and providing opportunities to participate in symposiums and conferences to foster curiosity, original thought and promoting collaborations.

Allocation Code: 02201

Planned Giving

Planned Gifts and Bequests

With you, we could focus on new approaches and provide opportunities for students to make a difference in environmental law, environmental politics and economic, social, cultural and ethical environmental research.

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