New Research Funding Opportunities

The Bieler School of Environment aims to undertake multi-, inter- and trans-disciplinary scholarship that develops novel solutions to complex environmental challenges. Some of these solutions require new knowledge, while others require synthesizing existing knowledge to develop actionable solutions.

To meet these goals, the Bieler School of Environment is now funding research activities in four thematic areas:

human-nature-technology relationships;

biodiversity and human interactions with other species;

resilience of social-ecological landscapes;

the aesthetics, metaphors, science, and politics of addressing climate change.

  1. New research

    Opportunities for funding new research projects include: Spark Grants, Ignite Grants

  2. Synthesis of existing knowledge

    Solvathon working groups have the goal of synthesizing existing knowledge to develop workable solutions to specific environmental challenges (e.g., input to an upcoming policy, vision for how to approach a specific complex socio-environmental challenge, paper that synthesizes across disciplines, or an opinion on how to improve the next UNFCCC COP).

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