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The McGillMcGill Environment Students' Society logo Environment Students’ Society (MESS) represents undergraduate and diploma Environment students at McGill University.


MESS holds a variety of events each year of both academic and social focuses.

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                           2023-24 Executive

Co-President – AUS — Amrita Karia (She/Her), B.A. Environment - Ecological Determinants of Health and Society, Minor in Immunology and Microbiology 

amrita.karia [at] (Email) | LinkedIn

Amrita Karia

Co-President — Jasmine Johns (She/Her), B.A. Environment - Ecological Determinants of Health in Society, Minor in Microbiology and Immunology 

jasmine.johns [at] (Email) | LinkedIn 

Jasmine Johns

VP Communications — Mahi Kandage (She/Her), B.A. Environment and Development, Minor in Psychology

mahi.kandage [at] (Email) | Linkedin

Mahi Kandage

VP of Sustainbility —  Natasha Chaudhry (She/Her),  B.A. Environment - Economics and the earths environment and B.A. International Development Studies

Natasha.chaudhry [at] (Email) | Linkedin

Natasha Chaudhry

VP Events — Aglaé Lambert (She/Her/Elle),  B.Sc. Environment- water environments and ecosystems (biological) and Minor in Indigenous Studies 

aglae.lambert [at] (Email) 

Aglaé Lambert

U1 Representative — Alyssa Chalmers (She/Her),  Honours Urban Studies, Double minor in Environment and International Development

alyssa.chalmers [at] (Email) | Linkedin

Alyssa Chalmers

VP External to Mac Campus — Anna Pieper (She/Her),  B.Sc. (Agr. Envr.) Environment - Renewable Resource Management

anna.pieper [at] (Email) | Linkedin

Anna Pieper

VP External to SSMU — Iryn McMechan (She/Her),  B.A. Environment and Political Science

Iryn.mcmechan [at] (Email) | Linkedin

Iryn McMechan

U1 Representative Jaanashee Punjabi (She/Her),  B.A. Major Political Science, Minor in Environment

jaanashee.punjabi [at] (Email) | LinkedIn

Jaanashee Punjabi

VP Finance — Sydney Xiong (She/Her),  B.A. Environment: Economics and the Earth's Environment, Minor in Economics

sydney.xiong [at] (Email) | LinkedIn

Sydney Xiong

VP External to ASUS—  Eva Kellner (She/Her),  B.A.Sc. Environment, Minor in Russian Culture

eva.kellner [at] (Email) 

Eva Kellner

VP Academic — Arwen Low (She/Her),  Joint Honours Environment and Political Science

arwen.low [at] (Email) | Linkedin

Arwen Low

VP External to SUS —  Lilah Willis (She/Her),  B.Sc. Environment - Ecological Determinants of Health

lilah.willis [at] (Email) | LinkedIn

Lilah Willis

VP External to AUS —  Alex Chernoff (She/Her),  B.A. Environment - Ecological Determinants of Health, Minor in Indigenous Studies

alexandra.chernoff [at] (Email) | LinkedIn

Alexandra Chernoff



Other Student Services

Campus Life & Engagement (also known as CL&E, pronounced "clay") supports your transition to and connection with McGill campus life.

Career Planning Service (CaPS) supports student success both throughout their time at McGill and during the critical graduation transition to work and further education.

First Peoples' House provides a sense of community and a voice to Indigenous students who have left their home communities in order to pursue higher education at McGill.

International Student Services (ISS) supports the growth, progress, and success of international students at McGill.

Scholarships and Student Aid offers both virtual and in-person appointments with Financial Aid Counselors across the downtown and Macdonald campuses.

Student Accessibility & Achievement helps McGill’s diverse student body achieve their academic goals and overcome barriers by providing accommodations for students with documented disabilities, support for students from care, and additional resources for learning that are available to all McGill students.

Student Wellness Hub provides a range of services to support the well-being of McGill Students with a focus on awareness, prevention, and early intervention.

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