Using a survey meter

A radiation survey meter is used to detect moderate to high energy beta, gamma and x-ray radiation. This kind of meter is unable to measure low energy radioisotopes like tritium (H-3). The unit is...

Radioisotope Permits

Researchers must possess an internal McGill Radioisotope permit to acquire, store and use radioisotopes at McGill University. To receive a permit, you must complete the Radioisotope Permit...

Radiation Safety Training

There are 4 types of radiation safety courses. 

McGill Radiation Safety Manual

Radiation Safety Manual Version 6.0.   For inquiries regarding hazardous waste disposal Hazardous Waste Management x 5066

Purchasing Radioisotopes and Meters

Researchers who wish to purchase radioisotopes need a valid McGill Internal Radioisotope Permit. For further details, contact the Radiation safety officer at 514-398-2245.

Non-Ionizing Radiation

With laser light, the radiofrequencies (including radar and microwave), along with infrared and visible light, and the ultraviolet regions of the electromagnetic spectrum are commonly considered to...


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