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August 1, 2000

Mr. Joseph Vincelli
McGill University
Environmental Safety
3534 University
Montreal (QC) H3A 2A7

Dear Mr. Vincelli:

This is to inform you that your equipment and procedures have been assessed by CNSC staff and found to satisfy the criteria set out in regulatory guide R-117 (Requirements for Gamma Radiation Survey Meter Calibration). The name and location or your organization and the name of the appropriate contact person will be maintained in our database. This information will be provided to CNSC licensed users of calibration services upon request and to applicant for new licences.

Please note that this is restricted to the radiation survey meters specified below:
- From the list provided on March 14, 2000, Attachment # 7.

Future re-assessments of your calibration equipment and procedures will be done periodically. If future assessment continue to be positive, information on your organization will continue to be made available as described above.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact our office.


Diane Bastien, Acting Head
Eastern Regional Office
Materials Regulation Division



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