Our values

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We want our students and employees to work in a safe, supportive environment.

Everyone in our lab adheres to the code of conduct below.




1 - Always behave in a professional, respectful manner with your lab mates. Under no circumstances will shouting or aggressive behavior be tolerated.

2 - If a conflict arises, address it as soon as possible, directly with the concerned people. Do not let conflictive situations last and worsen as it negatively impacts the whole team.

3 - Respect your teammates workspace. After your work, common areas should be left in the same (or better) state than before you started. If you have to use someone's assigned lab space, ask the person beforehand and do not leave any mess behind.

4 - Avoid distracting and obstructing lab mates when carrying out an experiment for this can compromise their safety and the integrity of their experiments.

5 - Communicate questions or doubts about lab safety and proper technique at all times. Also, communicate when others are not adhering to lab safety rules and nonhazardous techniques.

6 - Always keep a mental note and written-record of your experiments. If you are lost or confused, do not hesitate to ask.

7 - Be aware of yourself and your surroundings at all times.


We also acknowledge that McGill University and the Neuro are committed to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion in research. Our team supports this initiative and encourages people from all background to apply.


Our lab is part of the Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital), a McGill research and teaching institute, delivering high quality patient care, as part of the Neuroscience Mission of the McGill University Health Centre.

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