Dr. Gordon Bloom

Professor | Department Chair
Academic title(s): 

Director, McGill Sport Psychology Laboratory 

Dr. Gordon Bloom
Contact Information
Email address: 
gordon.bloom [at] mcgill.ca
514-398-4400 Ext 0516

Currie Gymnasium
475 Avenue des Pins Ouest
Montreal, Quebec H2W 1S4

Department Chair
Kinesiology & Physical Education
Mental Health, Intervention & Psychopathology
Physical Health Education & Adapted Physical Activity
Sports and Exercise Sciences
Areas of expertise: 
  •  Sport Psychology
  • Coaching Knowledge and Behaviours
  •  Disability Sport
  •  Team Culture

Dr. Gordon Bloom is a Professor of Sport Psychology at McGill University who has worked with the world’s leading coaches and athletes as both a researcher and sport psychology practitioner for over 20 years. He is currently the director of the McGill Sport Psychology Research Laboratory, exploring the knowledge, strategies and behaviours of coaches as well as the psychosocial aspects of post concussion rehabilitation in athletes.

In addition to his teaching and research responsibilities at McGill, Dr. Bloom is a member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association. In his professional practice, Dr. Bloom has consulted with amateur, professional, Olympic, and Paralympic athletes and taught them how to use mental skills to accelerate their level of performance in sport and life.


B.A., Western Ontario
M.A., York
Ph.D., Ottawa

Selected publications: 
  • Lefebvre, J.S., Henderson, S., Salomie, A., Heath, N.L, & Bloom, G.A. (in press). A mixed-methods examination of a mental health awareness program in elite ice hockey. International Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology.
  • Pomerleau-Fontaine, L., Bloom, G.A., & Alexander, D. (in press). Elite wheelchair basketball athletes’ perceptions of the coach-athlete relationship. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly.
  • Durand-Bush, N., Baker, J., van den Berg, F., Richard, V., & Bloom, G.A. (in press). The Gold Medal Profile for Sport Psychology (GMP-SP). Journal of Applied Sport Psychology.
  • Henderson,S., Bloom, G.A., & Alexander, D. (in press). Desired coaching behaviours of elite divers during competition. International Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology.
  • Armstrong, A., Bloom, G.A., Lefebvre, J.S., & Schaefer, L. (2022). Examining how Canadian Hockey League General Managers build and sustain cultures of excellence. Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, 11(3), 320-333.
  • Bloom, G.A., Trbovich, A.M., Caron, J.G., & Kontos, A.P. (2022). Psychological aspects of sport-related concussions: An evidence-based position paper. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 34(3), 495-517.
  • M.A. Adapted Physical Activity
  • M.A. Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • Ph.D. Kinesiology Sciences (Adapted Physical Activity)
  • Ph.D. Kinesiology Sciences (Exercise Psychology)
Graduate supervision: 

Accepting Masters and Ph.D. students for 2023-24

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