Steven Shaw, ECP, Interviewed by CJAD's Andrew Carter on the Effects of the Teacher Strike on Children

Steven Shaw, ECP, spoke to Andrew Carter on CJAD800 about the effect of the teacher strikes on children and what can be done about it.

Worried about your kid’s studies during teacher strike? Listen to the interview to learn what you can do.

CJAD800 Interview with Steven Shaw
Published: 1 Dec 2023

Professor Julie Côté Receives a University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Education's 2023-24 Alumni Award

Professor Julie Côté, KPE and SASSI, was recently announced as a winner of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's School of Education 2023-24 Distinguished Alumni Awards. The award recognizes alumni across the 10 Departments of the School, which ranks among the top 3 Education schools in the United States, who have made outstanding contributions to their field.

Published: 1 Dec 2023

Rachel Shapiro Wins First Place Blitz Presentation at the 8th Edition Metabolic Disorders and Complications (MeDiC) Research Day

KPE’s Rachel Shapiro, 2nd year MSc Candidate (supervisor: Dr. Jenna Gibbs), won the first place blitz presentation at the 8th edition Metabolic Disorders and Complications (MeDiC) Research Day hosted by the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC). Rachel won for her presentation titled: Identifying Perceived Barriers, Preferences, And Information Needs Related To Exercise For The Management Of Bone Health In Older Adults With Diabetes

Published: 30 Nov 2023

Empowering Inuit Voices Within a Global Context: Decolonizing Second Language Learning in Nunavik

This research study conducted by an Inuit researcher explores how colonized Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities decolonized their ESL education. Notably, the examination reveals a significant absence of studies addressing this issue within the Inuit context. Recognizing this gap, the researcher develops a framework for decolonization based on Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit, Inuit traditional knowledge.

Published: 28 Nov 2023

Aron Lee Rosenberg, MA’19, PhD’23, and his Year without Internet Featured in McGill Alumni News

Most PhD candidates don’t spend a year shunning their topic of doctoral study. But that’s sort of what Aron Lee Rosenberg, MA’19, PhD’23, did when he decided to spend an entire year offline to better understand the impact of the internet. Rosenberg deliberately doesn’t mention Covid in the book. We all know it happened. And though the pandemic accelerated many online trends, it wasn’t the cause.

Published: 21 Nov 2023

Tailynn Chang Makes the Principals Student-Athlete Honour Role

BOS Lab’s very own Tailynn Chang has been named to the Principals Student-Athlete Honour Role for 2022-2023. This Recognition is bestowed upon varsity athletes who have achieved a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

Tailynn is a member of McGill’s varsity Women’s Rugby team and is pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Honours. She is researching the effect of sex, fatigue, and inter-session learning among athletes in jump landing tasks. Congratulations Tailynn!

Published: 20 Nov 2023

Cognitive Development Course

The goal of this course is to critically examine developmental theory, with a specific focus on cognitive development, from historical, empirical, cultural perspectives.

Published: 10 Nov 2023

New Course! Indigenous Education: Ethical and Relational Practices for Equity and Reconciliation

EDPE 595-001/002:  Seminar in Special Topics 1 Topic: Indigenous Education: Ethical and Relational Practices for Equity and Reconciliation

This Special Topics seminar will introduce students to historical and contemporary realities of First Nations, Métis and Inuit and address relevant topics in Indigenous education: What are appropriate ways to bring Indigenous knowledges and pedagogies into classrooms?

Published: 7 Nov 2023

Pathy Fellowship Applications Open

The Pathy Foundation Fellowship is an intensive 12-month experiential learning opportunity for graduating students to lead a self-directed project in a community they have a meaningful connection with. Fellows are provided with comprehensive training, personal and professional development coaching, up to $40,000 in funding, and wrap-around supports to design, plan, and implement an innovative project in their community.

Published: 6 Nov 2023

Call for Research Participants: Occupational Biomechanics Study

Do you want to experience what research in Occupational Health is all about? Have you ever wondered how hand dominance effects task performance? This is your chance! Criteria: 1)  Must be between the age of 18 - 35 years old 2)  No upper body injuries, or musculoskeletal or cardiovascular impairments. Objective:

Published: 3 Nov 2023

Call for Research Participants: Cycling Biomechanics Study

Do you want to experience what research in exercise biomechanics is all about? Have you ever wondered if males and females display differences in cycling performance? This is your chance!

Published: 3 Nov 2023

When dads are feeling a bit depressed or anxious, how do kids fare?

Many parents experience stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms throughout their lives, particularly during times of transition, such as pregnancy and children’s entry into school. Studies have generally found that high levels of anxiety and depression in parents are linked to poorer behavioural and cognitive outcomes in children.

Published: 2 Nov 2023

Lottery Tickets are Not Child's Play

Research shows that the earlier a person's participation or exposure to gambling is in childhood, the more likely they are to develop a gambling problem later in life.

The annual "Gift Responsibly Campaign" is a joint initiative between McGill's International Centre for Youth Gambling and the National Council in Problem Gambling (NCPG) in Washington DC.

Published: 1 Nov 2023

New Publication by Erika Renda KPE (BOS Lab) in Human Movement Science

Erika Renda, KPE (BOS Lab), was recently published in Human Movement Science. Erika Published a paper titled “The Effects of Hand Dominance, Fatigue, and Sex on Muscle Activation during a Repetitive Overhead Fatiguing Task”.

View the Paper
Published: 31 Oct 2023

Call for Research Participants: Mindful Coping Project

The DAIR Research Team is recruiting students who are interested in taking part in the Mindful Coping Project.

They have developed an online mindfulness program for students’ mental health and wellbeing and want your feedback on it!

Participants will receive free mindfulness tools and be entered in various raffles for chances to win cash prizes of 100$ for their participation.

Published: 30 Oct 2023


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