Dr. Caroline Temcheff

Associate Professor
Academic title(s): 

Director, Healthy Development Lab

Dr. Caroline Temcheff
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carolineelizabeth.temcheff [at] mcgill.ca

Education Building
3700 McTavish Street
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 1Y2

Educational and Counselling Psychology (ECP)
Professional activities: 
  • Member Ordre des psychologues du Québec
Developmental Psychology & Inclusive Education
Mental Health, Intervention & Psychopathology
Areas of expertise: 
  • Conduct problems
  • Addictions
  • Mental Health
  • Development
  • Medical Service Use
  • Longitudinal methodology

Dr. Temcheff is an Associate Professor in Counselling Psychology at McGill University and a Quebec Research Scholar (Fonds de Recherche du Québec – Santé, Chercheur Boursier Junior 1). Directly in line with the priorities and strategic plan of the Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux (MSSS), the overarching goal of Dr. Temcheff’s research programme is to identify pathways and mechanisms which link childhood conduct problems in girls and boys to developmental trajectories of medical service utilization and mental health problems (particularly depression and addiction) from childhood through to early adulthood. Her programme of research has three primary research objectives.

The first objective is to establish trajectories of medical service utilization and costs between childhood and adolescence of boys and girls with and without conduct problems. The second objective is to identify risk and protective factors associated with and pathways leading to variations in the medical service utilization and mental health trajectories. The third objective is to identify pathways towards depression and addictions in late adolescence and early adulthood among boys and girls with childhood histories of conduct problems.

Ultimately, the aim of this programme of research is to establish information on risk and protective factors which could lead to the design of more focused preventive interventions targeting individual vulnerabilities or contextual factors linked to patterns of increased medical service usage among boys and girls with conduct problems as well as identifying critical developmental periods during which the intensification of interventions might be able to prevent patterns of increased and costly medical service usage. Additionally, better knowledge of the pathways leading to comorbidities of conduct problems, depression and addictive problems in girls compared to boys would allow for the identification of gender-sensitive targets for prevention for these major mental health problems which may, in turn, reduce associated medical service use and costs.

  • B.Sc. Honours in Psychology, McGill University
  • M.A. Clinical Psychology, Concordia University
  • Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Concordia University
Selected publications: 

Déry, M., Temcheff, C.E., Poirier, M., Boutin, S., Lapalme, M., & Lemieux, A. (2023). Developmental Trajectory of Conduct Problems among Boys and Girls receiving Psychoeducational Services at Elementary Schools. Canadian Journal of School Psychology, 38(4).


Commisso, M., Temcheff, C.E., Orri, M., Poirier, M., Lau, M., Côté, S., Vitaro, F., Turecki, G., Tremblay, R.E., & Geoffroy, M-C. (2023). Childhood externalizing, internalizing and comorbid problems: Distinguishing young adults who think about suicide from those who attempt suicide. Psychological Medicine, 53(3), 1030-1037.


Fletcher, E., Richard, J., Boutin, S., Lemieux, A., Dery, M., Derevensky, J. & Temcheff, C.E. (2023). Trajectory classes of externalizing and internalizing symptoms to gambling participation: An exploratory study. Journal of Gambling Studies, 39, 1751-1763.


Lau, M.A., Temcheff, C.E., Poirier, M., Commisso, M., & Déry, M. (2023). Longitudinal relationships between conduct problems, depressive symptoms, and school dropout. Journal of School Psychology, 96, 12-23.


Richard, J., Temcheff, C.E., Ivoska, W., & Derevensky, J. (2023). Adolescent problem gambling and gaming in the hierarchical structure of psychopathology. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction.


Temcheff, C.E., Martin-Storey, A., Lemieux, A., Latimer, E., & Déry, M. (2023). Trajectories of medical service use among girls and boys with and without early-onset conduct problems. Frontiers in Psychiatry.


Richard, J., Temcheff, C.E., Derevensky, J., Fletcher, E., Lemieux, A. & Déry, M. (2022). Externalizing and internalizing trajectories to adolescent gambling: A longitudinal study. International Gambling Studies.


Richard, J., Temcheff, C.E., Fletcher, E., Lemieux, A., Derevensky, J., & Dery, M. (2022). An empirical investigation of the externalizing and internalizing pathways to disordered gaming behavior: A longitudinal study across childhood and adolescence. Computers in Human Behavior, 128, 107096.


Lau, M., Temcheff, C.E., Poirier, M., Begin, V., Commisso, M., & Dery, M. (2021). School dropout: the role of childhood conduct problems and depressive symptoms. Psychology in the Schools, 58(12), 2313-2327.


Tomasiello, M., Temcheff, C.E., Martin-Storey, A., Bégin, V., Poirier, M., & Déry, M. (2021). Self and parent-reported sleep problems of adolescents with childhood conduct problems and comorbid psychological problems. Journal of Adolescence, 92, 165-176.


Graduate supervision: 

Accepting students for 2024-25

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