Dr. Adam Dubé

Associate Professor
Academic title(s): 

Director, Faculty of Education Office of EdTech | Director, Technology, Learning, & Cognition (TLC) Lab

Dr. Adam Dubé
Contact Information
Email address: 
adam.dube [at] mcgill.ca

Education Building 
3700 rue McTavish 
Montréal, Quebec H3A 1Y2 

Office Director
Educational and Counselling Psychology (ECP)
Educational Technology & Teaching Innovation
Areas of expertise: 
  • Educational Technology
  • Cognition
  • Cognitive Development
  • Child-Tablet Computer Interaction
  • Conceptual Knowledge Acquisition and Application
  • Development of Mathematical Cognition, Problem-Solving

Adam Kenneth Dubé is an Associate Professor of Learning Sciences and Director for the Faculty of Education Office of EdTech at McGill University. He is the Director of the Technology, Learning, & Cognition (TLC) Lab, a McGill Faculty of Education Distinguished Teacher award recipient, and a joint Fellow of the American Educational Research Association and the Society of Research in Child Development in middle childhood education and development.  He investigates how educational technology augments the learning process and teaches courses on the use of emerging educational technologies. His work on the use of tablet computers in education is published in the book “Understanding Tablets from Early Childhood to Adulthood: Encounters with Touch Technology.”

One focus area of his research asks whether educational tablet math games are able to simultaneously entertain and educate and it is funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada as well as the Fonds de Recherche du Québec-Société et Culture. Another recent focus area is on how the use of digital assistants (smart speakers) affects the development of children's theories of artificial minds and is funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada.  Altogether, Dr. Dubé's work on educational technology has gone so far as to inform the recent United Nations industry Guidelines on Digital Learning.

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Toronto
  • PhD in Psychology, University of Regina
  • MA in Psychology, University of Regina
Awards, honours, and fellowships: 
  • Dubé, A. K. (PI)., (2021) Are math apps effective? Studying how they are made and used to improve children’s mathematics achievement and attitudes. SSHRC Insight Grant. 
  • Dubé, A. K. (PI) & Ubisoft Montreal. (2020-2021) Creating and testing effective teacher curriculum guides for the educational versions of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed games. MITACS Accelerate. 
  • Dubé, F. (P.I), Dubé, A. K. (CI), Begon, M., Comeau, G., Creech, A., Després, J-P., & Laruendeau, D. (2020-2021) Élaboration, implantation et évaluation d'une plateforme numérique gamifiée pour aider de jeunes pianistes à acquérir les attitudes posturales inhérentes au jeu pianistique. SSHRC Insight. 
  • Muis, K. R., & Dubé, A.K. (CI). (2020-2021) Fostering digital literacy in a post-truth era: A mixed-method investigation and pilot intervention. SSHRC Insight Development Grant.
  • Dubé, A. K. (PI), Talwar, V., & Patitsas, E. (2019-2022) Effect of digital assistant use on children's theories of artificial minds. SSHRC Insight Development Grant. 
  • M.A. Health Professions Education
  • M.A. Learning Sciences
  • M.Ed. Learning Sciences
  • Ph.D. Learning Sciences
Graduate supervision: 

Not accepting Master's and Ph.D. students for 2023-24

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