Dr. Jordan Koch

Associate Professor
Dr. Jordan Koch
Contact Information

475 Pine Avenue West
Montreal, Quebec H2W 1S4

514-398-4400 Ext 09987
Email address: 
jordan.koch [at] mcgill.ca
Areas of expertise: 

The sociology of sport; cultural studies; sport-for-development programming; ethnographic methods; critical pedagogy in physical and health education.


B.A.(W. Ont), M.Sc.(Calg.), Ph.D.(Alta.)

Research areas: 
Physical and Health Education, Sport Sociology and Cultural Studies
Selected publications: 

McKegney, S., Henry, B., Koch, J., & Rathwell, M. (2021). Manufacturing compliance with anti-Indigenous racism in Canadian hockey: The case of Beardy’s Blackhawks. Canadian Ethnic Studies, 53(3), 29-50.

Scherer, J., Davidson, J., Kafara, R., & Koch, J. (2021). Negotiating the new urban sporting territory: Edmonton’s Ice District. Sociology of Sport Journal, 38(2), 111-119.

Koch, J., Scherer, J., & Kafara, R. (2020). Structural inequality, homelessness, and moral worth: Salvaging the self through sport? Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 49(6), 806-831.

Wasyliw, D., Schaefer, L., & Koch, J., Tekwatoni-McGregor, A., Deering, P.M. (2020). “The only thing Mohawk in the classroom was the students:” A narrative inquiry into physical health education teacher education in Canada. Thresholds in Education, 43(1), 51-65.

Koch, J., Scherer, J., & Holt, N. (2018). Slap shot! Sport, masculinities, and homelessness in the downtown core of a divided western Canadian inner city. Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 42(4), 270-294.

Koch, J., & Scherer, J. (2016). Redd alert! (Re)Articulating Aboriginal gang violence in western Canada. Aboriginal Policy Studies, 6(1), 34-62.

Scherer, J., Koch, J., & Holt, N. (2016). The uses of an inner-city sport-for-development program: Dispatches from the (real) creative class. Sociology of Sport Journal, 33(3), 185-198.

Holt, N., Scherer, J., & Koch, J. (2015). Using masculine capital to understand the role of sport programs in the lives of men from a Western Canadian inner city. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 37, 523-533.

Koch, J., Scherer, J., & Holt, N. (2015). Urban outcasts, disposable bodies, and embodied research in a Western Canadian ‘arriviste’ city. Cultural Studies « Critical Methodologies, 15(1), 32-44.

Holt, N., Scherer, J., & Koch, J. (2013). An ethnographic study of issues surrounding the provision of sport opportunities to young men from a western Canadian inner-city. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 14, 538-548.

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