Dr. Jordan Koch

Associate Professor
Dr. Jordan Koch
Research areas: 
Social Aspects of Sport, Health and Physical Education
Contact Information

475 Pine Avenue West
Montreal, Quebec H2W 1S4

Email address: 
jordan.koch [at] mcgill.ca
Areas of expertise: 

Sport, recreation, and settler colonialism; the practice and provision of sport and recreation in underserved communities; physical and health education in Canadian society.


B.A.(W. Ont), M.Sc.(Calg.), Ph.D.(Alta.)

Selected publications: 

Balazs, E., & Koch, J. (Accepted). Sparring with femininity: An urban ethnography of mixed gender/martial arts youth programming. Journal of Emerging Sport Studies.

Scherer, J., Kafara, R., Koch, J. (2023). The spectacle of settler colonial urbanism, racialized policing, and Indigenous refusal of white possessive logics. Settler Colonial Studies, 13(3), 349-370.

Lewis, B., Schaefer, L., Lessard, S., & Koch, J. (2022). “Nothing is gonna change if we don’t care for everyone”: A narrative inquiry alongside urban Indigenous youths in an afterschool physical activity wellness program. Front. Sports Act. Living, 4, 1-8.

McKegney, S., Henry, B., Koch, J., & Rathwell, M. (2021). Manufacturing compliance with anti-Indigenous racism in Canadian hockey: The case of Beardy’s Blackhawks. Canadian Ethnic Studies, 53(3), 29-50.

Scherer, J., Davidson, J., Kafara, R., & Koch, J. (2021). Negotiating the new urban sporting territory: Edmonton’s Ice District. Sociology of Sport Journal, 38(2), 111-119.

Koch, J., Scherer, J., & Kafara, R. (2020). Structural inequality, homelessness, and moral worth: Salvaging the self through sport? Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 49(6), 806-831.

Wasyliw, D., Schaefer, L., & Koch, J., Tekwatoni-McGregor, A., Deering, P.M. (2020). “The only thing Mohawk in the classroom was the students:” A narrative inquiry into physical health education teacher education in Canada. Thresholds in Education, 43(1), 51-65.

Koch, J., Scherer, J., & Holt, N. (2018). Slap shot! Sport, masculinities, and homelessness in the downtown core of a divided western Canadian inner city. Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 42(4), 270-294.

Koch, J., & Scherer, J. (2016). Redd alert! (Re)Articulating Aboriginal gang violence in western Canada. Aboriginal Policy Studies, 6(1), 34-62.

Scherer, J., Koch, J., & Holt, N. (2016). The uses of an inner-city sport-for-development program: Dispatches from the (real) creative class. Sociology of Sport Journal, 33(3), 185-198.

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